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Leica SL + Sigma 65mm Portrait
Flickr Digital Model Photo of the Month (Most Liked)


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Recap from September

Another month gone in a flash! We finally hit 20,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel so a big thanks if you helped with that. It took over 270 YouTube videos and more than 2 years of posting new content each week. If you have suggestions of topics you’d like me to cover in the next 2 years please get in touch!

Want to join me in Poland?

Talking of YouTube, if you watched my recent videos you may I have seen me back in Poland. If I have lenses I want to test I book cheap flights to Poland and arrange models for a few days.  That’s much easier than trying to find models closer to home for the look I like.

One of my Patreons suggested I should announce some of my trips further in advance so it gives you the opportunity to meet me there for a workshop.  Don’t feel you need to wait to be asked.  If you’d like a model workshop in Gdansk in December for example I can make it happen. Just check when you have time and let me know! (Maybe not late December as flight prices increase over the holiday season*).

Catching up with my film in the fridge

September was a great month for film!  I’ve tried to avoid it for a while as it’s a distraction I don’t have time for (developing, scanning, editing). After no film developing since around March 2022 I had 20ish rolls of exposed film waiting in the fridge. One productive week later, 3x 1L batches of Xtol-Rodinal chemistry and using two 3-reel Paterson tanks I was back up to date.  (1 litre of chemistry does me 3 tanks and 6-9 rolls of film so it’s very economical).  The problem now is I have a computer full of nice film scans and no time to share them.  I’ll try to keep pulling out photos to share a long side current work as I get a chance.

Following this, I wrote an article on Patreon on my observations. I’d used 10 different film cameras over the 6 months and there were very clear winners and losers. (Some cameras massively out performed others and it was not brand specific. It was camera design specific).  Some disappointments from the mis-shots but I’m always learning.

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YouTube viewer books me for analogue-digital wedding

My wedding day shoot for September was a fun one.  The groom (Patryk), had found me searching for Leicaflex camera videos on YouTube. After watching my Leicaflex in Brighton video he booked me as their wedding photographer. As a fellow film fan their request was a mix of analogue and digital photos.  My film camera of choice was the Hasselblad H2 with HC 100mm f2.2 lens, shooting 4 rolls of 120 Kodak Portra 400.  Film is not cheap so I charge for it at close to cost price and do it more for the love.  My current digital setup for wedding photography is Leica Q + Leica SL if interested.

Leica Wedding UK
Flickr wedding photo of the month (Most liked) – Patryk & Nicole

Workshops are like buses! Sometimes they all arrive at once

October is going to be my busiest month yet for teaching workshops. I have 6x 1:1 workshops booked, 4 photographers flying in from overseas and 2 UK photographers. Ahead of the workshops we have a Zoom call to plan the day.  You’ll see more from these events in next month’s newsletter (and on YouTube I’m sure).

Teaching is my favourite part of what I do so I’m really looking forward to it.  (Perhaps it stems from having two teachers as parents growing up!)  I enjoy feeling useful and seeing someone else getting excited about their photography as they learn.

Leica+Model Workshops

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Slow progress on the next eBook

Following the release of my free eBook (model photography guide) I’m now working on my next book.  Making money with your camera/ photography. Basically sharing everything I’ve learnt in the last 10 years and what is working for me.  I’m maybe 50% complete but often get side tracked by other tasks.  It’s not a 100 page novel so I have no excuse, and it will look so brief compared to the full model guide I will write after that. 

For those that downloaded the free eBook, I’m loving the suggestions you gave of what you want to see in the full book.  I am listening and taking notes!

MrLeica eBook


Leica Repair Directory + Leica YouTubers Directory

After setting up these Leica community pages last month I continue to add info to them as people write to me. If you have feedback after a Leica service I’d love to add it to the Leica Repair Directory page to help others. Equally, if you love watching YouTube, let us know you favourite Leica YouTuber channel?

Shop front gets a makeover

If you’ve ever downloaded my MrLeica Lightroom presets you’ll remember the interface being very clunky. I’ve updated my WordPress theme to try to make the blog run faster (again) so things might look a little different if you’ve not visited for a while. Hopefully improved but I continue to update pages most days.

Part of the refresh was a new store front. Adding presets to your cart should now be similar to other websites and hopefully much more user friendly. I’m still trying to smooth out some back end issues but it’s getting there! You now also receive a welcome email with helpful information if you tick the box beforehand.

Do you already use MrLeica LR presets? If you want to leave feedback now you can do so easily. I added a feedback form on the presets testimonials page (at the bottom).

Remote Learning!

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Girls on film – New A4 size hardback book

After shooting some new 6×6 portraits recently I had a few requests for printing more premium/ larger model photobooks.   My current books are softback, A5 size zine style books, (40 model photos per book). This format suits the 35mm B&W film photos.

For 120 film there is a great excuse to print larger. I’ve printed A4 hardback books for myself in the past for Hasselblad portraits. You really get to enjoy the photo quality when the images are printed larger.  I’ll be dusting off the Hasselblad cameras for some new portraits soon so there is a good chance I will print a small run of new 6×6 portrait books before the end of the year.  If you are interested in either the current A5 books or the more premium A4 hardback books please get in touch.

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My recommended photography gear list

See my latest photography kit list at

Group Photowalk Workshops

Join the photowalk workshop mailing list if interested!

Leica M3 + Kodak Double-X
Flickr Film Model Photo of the Month (Most Liked) (Not the best, got on Explore page*)

September 2022 YouTube Videos Catch-up:

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month:

Focus at less that 0.7m with a Leica M camera – Leica Summicron DR 50mm f2 Dual Range
Should you buy a 10 year old digital camera costing over Β£2000? – The Leica M240 in 2022
Following HCB, my Top 10 50mm lenses for my Leica M3
6×6 camera for Leica owners – The amazing Hasselblad SWC/M
Garry Winogrand Lens – Canon 28mm f2.8 LTM
Best Value Bokeh Lens for Leica? Jupiter-9 85mm f2 LTM
New 85mm Leica L Mount Lens – 7Artisans Spectrum 85mm T2.0 Cine Lens
Canon R6 vs Leica SL! The winner is?

New Blog Posts in September

4 new blog posts shared last month. I enjoy blogging much more than YouTube but both are very time intensive!

Written posts supplement my YouTube review videos including full res images. 300+ existing blog post articles so feel free to browse the back catalogue!

Workshops and Photowalks

Workshop dates β€“ Kick start your photography with one of my 1:1 workshops. For notification and dates of photowalks in your area join my mailing list.

  • October 2022 – London 1:1 – 1 Space
  • November 2022 – London 1:1 – 2 Spaces (or Birmingham)

See workshop prices and testimonials

Hasselblad 100mm f2.2 Bokeh
UK Leica Model 1-2-1 Workshop – September 2022

Travel Updates

If you are interested in Gdansk, Poland model workshops / photowalks get in touch via the mailing list as I will be booking more events.

Unedited Fomapan 100 Scan

> September Travel – Back in Bydgoszcz, Poland for photoshoots. 7 models in 3 days + 1 cancel.

October 2022 – Coming Up

October looks like it is going to be busy with the workshops. I might try to fit in a London photowalk while I’m there if the dates work for those on the mailing list. We’ll be shooting with Leica, Hasselblad 500s and others. I’m looking forward to shooting some new Hasselblad 6×6 portraits!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts to try to improve the service!

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

One of the videos coming soon is the affordable TLR camera called a Kowa Kalloflex. You may have already spotted a few sample photos on my Flickr feed –

TLR Portrait
Kowa Kalloflex TLR

Monthly Updates: Videos+Blogs

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Voigtlander Perkeo 2 (1950s Folding Camera)
Flickr Non-Model Photo of the Month – (Most Liked)

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I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. For full details see workshop prices and testimonials + join the mailing list for dates.

  • Discounted UK workshops (Birmingham) β€“ full day UK workshops for only Β£399.99 (Β£50 off) or half day for Β£249.99 (Β£30 off)
  • Poland β€“ Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw. (Same price as London )
  • Hungary workshops – Budapest. (Same price as London workshops)
  • Spain β€“ Valencia-Alicante region. Multi-day, More info coming soon!
  • Tenerife – Small group/solo + model, multi-day. More info soon!
  • US – New York. I will trying to plan a visit perhaps later in 2022.
  • Your countries β€“ Want me to fly to your city? Get in touch!
Model Photography Workshop - London
London Leica Workshop 2021

> Overseas Workshops

Happy to travel worldwide to run photography workshops. See above for some of the planned countries and join the mailing list to submit your interest.

Hasselblad 60mm Portrait
New York Workshop

Some advantages of meeting you in your city include (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is, if you rather come to the UK for a London workshop you have the excuse for a holiday!

Model Photography Workshop
Zurich Photography Workshop

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