Rodinal Stand Development

Rodinal Stand Development

When home developing B&W film I normally I use a mix of Xtol & Rodinal to stand develop my film but today I tried just Rodinal, 1:100. I say Rodinal but the formula I use is actually called R09 One Shot. You can buy it in 125ml bottles from eBay.
R09 Oneshot

For my 120 film reel depth in the Paterson tank I needed 600ml approx (to be safe) so used 6ml of Rodinal to tap water. Normally I develop for 19-23 mins so I did not want to wait the usual ‘1 hour’. I timed 30mins and did 1 agitation at 15mins (so this is semi-stand developing really)(for even results/ increased contrast) at 20 degrees.

This was a model photography portfolio shoot with UK model Josie. I used my Mamiya RZ67 and Fuji Acros film. She had mainly digital photos taken on the day but when I seen a nice pose I grab the Mamiya RZ67 / Contax 645 for some film photography shots. 🙂

The end result.. I actually much prefer this to my normal developing look for this photo at least. Very sharp, highlights not blown (nearly always are usually) and nice contrast and tonal range. I’m impressed!

I saw this post recently and I think it may well be the best description of Stand Development i’ve seen.

Have a read if you’ve never tried it!

Update: Second roll developed with Rodinal.  Here I developed 120 Kodak T-Max 400 in Rodinal 1:150 for 1 hour at 20 degrees C. (Why 1:150..why not!)(will try Rodinal 1:200 next)

“The Dancer” shot with Contax 645 and Carl Zeiss 80mm f2 lens at 1/60 at f2

The Dancer - Rodinal Stand Development

I’ll post more examples here as I scan the negatives.


Author: matthewosbornephotography

Coventry, UK studio based Model and Wedding Photographer offering both Medium Format Film and Digital Images. 1-2-1 Photography and Lighting Tuition also available.

5 thoughts on “Rodinal Stand Development”

  1. So … this is what Ansel Adams means when he talks about “compensating developers” or “waterbath developers?” IE, the highs exhaust the developer quickly but the shadows go on cooking?

    You make it sound really easy. Thank you.

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