Leica M9 vs Mamiya RZ67 Fashion

Leica M9 vs Mamiya RZ67 ProII Fashion – Sample Photo



Today I did another location fashion shoot. This time at Blighty Bazaar, Leamington Spa with designer Viv Whelan, MUA Bina M and model Georgina. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but I knew I wanted to shoot both film and digital. (I had been reading about the Leica S2 so that had pushed me even more so to shoot some ‘proper’ 6×7 format film with my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II).

Film Photography – As it was a desgner shoot I wanted more satured colours so chose to load 120 Kodak Ektar 100. I wanted a sharp lens so picked the Mamiya Sekor 110mm f2.8. The Mamiya 65mm f4 is possibly even sharper but I find is often too wide for portrait work. I used the standard 6×7 format RZ film back for maximum resolution capture (rather than 6×6 or 645 I also own). I also used a RZ Polaroid back to take a few test shots with the RZ before moving onto roll film (and also just for the fun of it!). I loaded Fuji FP100C colour instant film (ISO 100 speed).

Digital photography – I chose my current favourite setup – Leica M9 + Leica Noctilux 50m f1.0 v2. As it was fashion for once I stopped the lens down to f5.6 to mirror the RZ settings for light metering purposes.

Results – I am interested to see the film photography results and will share a full blog post once the film has been scanned/ developed comparing the Leica M vs Mamiya RZ. I often rave about Leica everything so I want to see if the RZ can win me over doing what it does best.

The title of this photo is “Crime Passionel“, the name of the hat that the very talented Viv Whelan spent all day yesterday making in advance of our shoot.

I love nothing more than collaboration fashion shoots where creative people that are strong in their field all come together and together make something amazing. I could happy do shoots like this everyday despite the pressure to get it right and move onto the next garment all within a limited timeframe. Great day! 🙂


Author: matthewosbornephotography

Coventry, UK studio based Model and Wedding Photographer offering both Medium Format Film and Digital Images. 1-2-1 Photography and Lighting Tuition also available.

2 thoughts on “Leica M9 vs Mamiya RZ67 Fashion”

  1. Matthew–

    A beautiful photo that has a “medium format” quality to it already!

    I love the props, pose, and background. If I may be so bold, however (and I probably don’t have much to offer you…) but I find the frame (Photo? Mirror?) directly to the right of the model’s head to be incredibly distracting. (Perhaps it is a reflection from one of your studio lights?) Is it possible to take down the highlights on this particular area to perhaps make it less prominent?

    It is otherwise a stunning photo. Thanks for posting–I can’t wait to see the film versions!

    All the best,

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