2015 Film Wedding Photography: Ben & Natalie

Source: 2015 Film Wedding Photography: Ben & Natalie

Finally sharing some of my 2015 film wedding photography.  There was not a huge amount of wedding film images from 2015 as I am normally restricted to take digital wedding photos first then if have time to do some film wedding photography.  Hopefully for 2016 it will become less and less digital and more film photography.

2015 did end on a high as I was asked to cover a wedding with two Leica photographer friends on New Year’s Eve.  As the wedding day had digital photography cover from the other two Leica M 240’s (who were also shooting some film!) I was able to shoot more film than I usually can.

It was a dream wedding for me!  Two reasons, (1) Firstly I was not tied down to having to shoot from the generic expected wedding photographer viewpoints (such as from the front of the ceremony and (2) I had time to shoot more film.  5 rolls of 120 Kodak Portra 400 on the Hasselblad and then 35mm film in the new Leica M6, a Leica M3 and Nikon F4!

It certainly isn’t a way to make lots of money from wedding photography (unless charge crazy high prices) but in my eyes film gives some of the nicest possible images.  For me it is highest quality film images possible first, profit second.  I offer film wedding photography to please myself as much as the couple and strive to better my last image at every wedding.

I look forward to sharing the resulting wedding film photos after the couple have received their wedding album. 🙂


2015 Hasselblad Wedding Photography: Alex & Lisa





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