2015 Wedding: Mike & Caroline (1) Film Wedding

2015 Wedding: Mike & Caroline (Part 1 – Film Wedding Photography)

Here are some film wedding photography images from Mike and Caroline’s wedding back in January 2015. Sorry for the delay in sharing new wedding photos.

Since this wedding I have added a Nikon F4 SLR film camera to my camera bag to assist my analogue 1950s Leica cameras. I have also purchased another Leica M3 so I now work with 2x Leica M3s with 50mm lenses, a Leica M2 for 35mm view (or wider with external viewfinders), and I now have my autofocus, autorewind, Nikon F4 with a Tokina 100mm Macro lenses attached for a short telephoto and for macro work. The Nikon F4 SLR also works with my speedlights and at a usable flash sync speed so it will be perfect for film wedding strobist work where the vintage Leica cameras are a little out their depth. On top of all that I also have my various medium format film cameras such as the Mamiya 645 which I was using at a wedding this spring. Photos to follow!

Leica Wedding Photographer (MrLeica.com)

2015 Wedding: Mike & Caroline (Part 1 – Film Wedding Photography)

Wedding Venue: Ellingham Hall, Northumberland


January 2015

Here are a selection of wedding photos from my first wedding of 2015 up at Ellingham Hall on the Northumberland coastline.  It is difficult to anticipate the UK weather especially in the winter months so I didnn’t load my film into the cameras until the morning of the wedding.  I decided on colour 35mm Kodak Portra 400 film for the daytime people photos and in the evening I loaded 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 black and white film.  The main film cameras on the day were my 1950s Leica M2 and Leica M3 rangefinder cameras but I also took my 1980s 35mm Nikon FM SLR loaded with Agfa Vista 200 Plus colour film for detail photos.  I was shooting digital photos alongside film photography throughout the day with my Leica M9. I…

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