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MatthewOsbornePhotography – a Leica Photographer, a Coventry Wedding Photographer and Coventry Photography Studio based Model Fashion Photographer. Offers Film Photography and digital. Teaches Coventry Photography Courses,1-2-1 Photography Tuition and Studio Lighting Photography Workshops.

My Film Crew!

Photography Tuition

> Photography & Studio Lighting Tuition – Coventry studio based model and wedding photography offers 1-2-1 photography workshops.

Bespoke packages tailored to suit each client. Everything from the basics up to advanced techniques. Photography courses can be completed as a 1-day photography workshop or spread over several shorter lessons depending on your requirements. Workshops include a combination of practical and theory teaching methods that have proved to maximise both learning and enjoyment on the day.> Photography Workshops– I offer clients 1-2-1 photography tuition. Photography courses available include and are not limited to –

  • How to use your digital camera
  • How to use a traditional film camera
  • Mastering your flash (on camera and off camera)
  • Single light setup
  • Multiple light setup
  • Using studio lights (both in the studio and on location)
  • How to pose and light a model in the studio and on location
  • Shooting by available light
  • Basic darkroom techniques – learn to develop your own film

> Prices – currently Β£40ph. Minimum booking duration, 2 hours. *Discounts available for group bookings.

Photography Tuition - Model in Studio


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I wanted to say your photography inspires me and also relate that I am in a similar boat deciding between D800 and M9. I’ve been recommended the Otus since I complain about other lenses not being sharp. But the thing weitghs a lot and I dislike manual focusing on a modern DSLR. I prefer micro prism focusing and range finders for manual focusing. I’ve read your posts about using your leica more and more. Have you missed your D800?

    1. Thanks Erick. Do I miss the D800? Well I still have it for freelancing for DSLR wedding teams but otherwise it may as well be sold. I’m not going to pretend the M9 is gods gift to cameras. Yes I like the high ISO and 36mp of the D800 but not enough to ever use it over the M9. The only thing I like more than the M9 is film but that is not practical for everyday shooting for clients. Cheers Matt

  2. Just stumbled upon your website Matt, I have had 2 M9’s in the past and stupidly let them go. I am now about to pull the trigger on a used M9 to go with my 25mm Zeiss Biogon. This for me produced some of my best work and that is after using my 5D mk2 which I have now sold. Yes Leica are not perfect but the joy of using rangefinders over bulky heavy DSLR’s wins for me.

  3. I had 2 M9’s which i begrudgingly sold. I am now about to purchase a used M9 to go with my 35mm cron and excellent 25mm Zeiss biogon. Really miss the rangefinder experience and in a photographers hands the files it produces are just stunning. I do not miss my 5D mk2 at all.

    1. Thanks Matt, yes I struggle to get excited by non-rangefinders now. Yesterday I did a Leica wedding with 2 M9 bodies. A first with 2 M9s and I really enjoyed the experience of 2 identical M bodies. Follow up post with thoughts to follow. Cheers Matt

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