Used Leica Cameras Equipment For Sale

I often receive emails asking ‘Where can I sell my Leica lens?” or “I can’t find a Leica film camera for sale”. As this blog receives a fair amount of Leica related traffic I thought I would facilitate the process. You can now BUY or SELL used Leica camera equipment below. (Mostly Leica but not limited to*).


New page, September 2023 – more listings coming soon! *Ask seller regards shipping fees


  • SELLER: Matt, London. Contact
    • Leica M6 Classic 0.72x black boxed, serviced, VGC, meter not working* – £2099
    • Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH 11606 black 6-bit coded, VGC, No Hood – £1199
    • Canon 28mm f2.8 LTM silver, generic caps x2, VGC – £299
    • TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 M silver (like new) – £199



  • SELLER: Alex (Patreon+Workshop attendee), Brunswick. Email / +49 17680072617
    • Leica M3 double stroke, Buddha ears, 0.7m, CLA‘d, film tested, VGC – €1,490
    • Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v3 with hood 12585, VGC – €750
    • Leica Summicron 90mm f2 Pre-ASPH silver, near mint, retractable hood – €550
    • Voigtländer Ultron 35 f2 VM Typ II (black, focus tab), mint, original packaging – €600
    • Leica Summarit 50 1.5 LTM, mint condition, pristine glass – €650 **SOLD
    • Leica SL Typ 601 – VGC, original packaging, battery, no strap – €1,650 **SOLD


  • SELLER: Thomas (Patreon+Workshop attendee), The Hague. Email / +31 653971968
    • Nikon D810, Excellent condition, 49k shutter count, box and accessories included – €799
    • Light Lens Labs 50mm Elcan M mount silver – Like new including box and original caps – €899
    • Nikon 35Ti Compact Camera – Beautiful condition, works perfectly. Original pouch & box – €899


  • SELLER: Griffin, New York. Email / +1 7042923350
    • Leica SL2 – Condition 10/10 (Leica said), used, boxed, all accessories, warranty* $3649
    • Leica SL2-S Cond’ 9/10 (Leica said)(replaced sensor: 0 count) boxed, accessories, warranty* – $3799
    • Leica 24-70 f2.8 8/10 body, 10/10 optics, available to bundle with either camera, boxed – $1999 
    • Zeiss M Distagon 35mm f1.4, 10/10 condition, boxed – $1699



Seller’s contact details provided (and if/ how I know them) plus a basic item description. Contact the sellers directly for information (similar to a GumTree or Craig’s List).

Buyers – Recommended when buying

  • Request photos of the item(s) from the seller
  • Obtain all the item details you need from the seller
  • Enquire regarding return options or collect in person if possible
  • Buy from listings in your country to avoid import fees



Ebay seller fees are around 13%+ so I want to provide a more affordable way to sell your Leica gear/ other high value cameras/ lenses.

Sellers – All you need to know

  • Upfront fee, £5 + 5% of item value (to be paid via PayPal)(Capped at £50 per item)
  • Not limited to the Leica related camera and lenses. Any high value cameras/ lenses (Hasselblad, Mamiya, Fuji)
  • Please provide your item and seller detail as outlined below
  • How much is it worth? Check completed listings on eBay to obtain an approximate list price for your item

SELLER OFFER: List 2 items and you can list a 3rd item for free!

Sellers – Please provide the following

  • Full name (Second name not to be published)
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone number (ideally for WhatsApp)
  • City, Country
  • Brief description of item – “Leica M3”
  • Brief description of condition/ if serviced etc
  • Starting price (in £, US dollar or Euro)(Can’t be TBC)
  • Submit your PayPal payment

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