Contax 645 Bundle – For SALE!!

As I have now accumulated quite a few film cameras I thought I better sell a few.

For sale:

Contax 645 bundle £1800 + Shipping (from UK)

What is included?:

> Contax 645 body + film back
> Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2 T* lens
(both near mint but without boxes)
> 1 additional new 645 film back in box
> 1 additional polaroid film back + 1 part used film + 1 new & refrigerated Fuji FP-100c
> 2 part used duracell batteries
> 1 roll of 120 film

The camera is ready to use on arrival!

The Carl Zeiss 80mm f2 Planar lens is probably one of the sharpest lenses I have ever owned. Due to the larger medium format camera 6×4.5 sensor 80mm f2 is the same as 46mm f1.2 on a 35mm (full frame) sensor so gives an amazing shallow DOF and perfect for portraits.

The Contax 645 is a very modern and automated camera in film camera terms. It has both autofocus and auto exposure modes and the film also advances automatically.

I would describe it as using a very well made DSLR. If you have a DSLR already you would find the transition very easy.

The polaroid back is great for a test shot to check exposure before shooting rolls of traditional film to give you peace of mind.

I used the Contax mostly for model / fashion photography & portraiture plus wedding photography after being inspired by amazing wedding photographers using Contax 645 – Jonathan Canlas & Jose Villa. Seriously talented guys!

Here is a wedding sample (Paul & Debs vintage wedding, Gloucester)

Contax 645 Wedding :)

For more sample photos see my Contax 645 Gallery

Other items for sale include:

> Nikkor 85mm f1.4 D (near mint), without box, with metal Nikon Hood (in box), with both caps – £550 + Shipping
> Kiev 88 6×6 Medium format film camera (still not been bought even after quite a bit of interest) – £240 + Shipping
> Pentacon Six TL – £150 + Shipping
> Jupiter 3 50mm f1.5 (Sonnar clone) – £135 + Shipping
> Rode Pro / Rode VideoPro Mic + Furry Wind Jammer (New, boxed) – £110 + Shipping

Please contact me for more details on any of the above, thanks

10 thoughts on “Contax 645 – For Sale!”

      1. Aww 🙁

        Believe it or not, no 80’s for sale currently. None anywhere except a toss up condition at Adorama. Hmm…what to do. I really like a 140 better but would like that extra ability to open up more.

        Why did you sell anyway, seems like such a fantastic camera.

  1. Matt, I have a few film cameras and I prefer the less automated ones. I used the Contax in manual mode with manual focus anyway as this is how I like to shoot so I decided to get a 645 back for my Mamiya RZ (& a 6×6 back) so it can do all formats. The RZ viewfinder is as good as it gets. The Contax is very easy to use though so would suit people that like AF lenses and shooting aperture priority etc

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