Here are a few shots from an engagement shoot I did in Ukraine with Alyona and Robert.

Nikon D800 & Lensbay Edge 80

Alyona asked me as new me via a friend so I was happy to oblige. We took some photos first by the river in their city, Uzhgorod, and then went back to my hotel for a few inside shots.

Alyona & Robert Engagement Shoot, Ukraine
Nikon D800 & Nikkor 50mm f1.4

Robert and Alyona were such a nice couple who were obviously in love. They were soon at ease with the camera and we managed to get them some really nice photos.

I really enjoy engagement photography shoots as a couple are giving me normally as much as half a day just to take photos of them. On a wedding day everything is always a rush so even though the bride and groom look amazing we always have limited time to get the arty fashion style photos I like. A pre-wedding shoot is a couple’s very own model shoot and as a model photographer I get to use creative lighting and more elaborate set ups that I may not have time to do on a wedding day. I strongly urge all couples that book me for their wedding photography to also come for an engagement shoot. It gives me chance to spend time with the couple and for us to get to know each other. It lets me see how they are around a camera and it gets the couple used to having a camera in their face. Normally at the start of an engagement shoot nerves are high and they shy away from the camera. By the end of the engagement shoot they are normally posing like pros so when it comes to their wedding day they hardly even notice the camera.

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