Interview with Matthew Osborne Photography! (Mr Leica)


Interview – Matthew Osborne Photography – September 2013

I was approached after someone saw my model photography images on Flickr.

Here is the interview and a bit about me and my photography journey over the last 4 years

Thanks Lardon (aka ‘ The Hiking Photographer’) for interviewing me and showcasing some of my work.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Matthew Osborne Photography! (Mr Leica)”

  1. Nice interview and good shots. Good tip about learning with film – sad to say, that is increasingly unlikely given the comparative difficulties of using a dark room versus photoshop. Still, unless you know what “burning”means, it is hard to explain it to someone who has used only photoshop.

  2. Thanks Doublewhirler. You don’t actually need a fully functioning dark room to develop film, just a Patterson tank. If you use Rodinal and the stand development method (see here – it really is very very easy and also cheap. I probably should have specified to try B&W film as colour is a little more tricky as the process is less forgiving to errors (such as incorrect devevloping developing temperatures). Matt

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