Leica Reviews

Leica Reviews

“I enjoy using Leica cameras and helping others get the most from their Leica too!”

What Leica camera / Leica lens should I get?

Confused as to what Leica camera or Leica lens to buy? Do not panic! Join me for a WORKSHOP or set up a ZOOM call for remote or urgent assistance. For ongoing Leica photography support consider joining PATREON.

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What Leica camera should I buy?

Confused as to what Leica to buy? Do not panic! You can now request to have a 1:1 Zoom call with me where we discuss the pros and cons of various cameras. I am happy to share the knowledge I have (based on the cameras and lenses on this blog). I am not linked to Leica so this is non-bias information*.

Struggling with your Leica camera?

Don’t worry, it’s quite common, especially if you have come from a DSLR or mirrorless camera to a Leica M body. Firstly, welcome to the Leica family! Second, consider booking a Leica Workshop day with me and we will soon have you up to speed to get the most out of your new Leica. For urgent remote assistance you can reach me via Zoom.

What cameras am I currently using and why?

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Try cameras before you buy!

Book a Leica Workshop day with me to get the opportunity to request any of the cameras I own to see how Leica compare to your own camera.


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