Leica M Wedding – Mottram Hall Cheshire

Leica M8 wedding

Leica Wedding Photography: Martin & Emma

First wedding photos shared for 2017 – Martin and Emma getting married at Mottram Hall in Cheshire back in April 2017. (I’m catching up very slowly!  More 2017 weddings to follow).

Photos taken mostly with a Leica M240 digital cameras and Zeiss ZM Biogon 21mm f2.8 lens. (Great lens!)

Link to photos below:

2017 Leica Wedding Photography: Martin & Emma Wedding Venue: Mottram Hall Wedding, Cheshire Matthew Osborne Photography / MrLeica.com April 2017 Martin & Emma Martin’s Dad, Paul kindly contacted me back in 2015 to say that he followed my photography work online and would I be available to photograph his son’s wedding in 2017. I think […]

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4 thoughts on “Leica M Wedding – Mottram Hall Cheshire”

    1. Hi it is all I know now really ha. In the early days I used Nikon but as soon as I bought Leica I’ve never looked back. I much prefer Leicas for every aspect, speed, size, image quality etc. It’s not for everyone as the Leica users that come to me for 1-2-1 workshops often struggle to focus/ use a Leica but I find them easier that autofocus as I know the focus will be sharp. AF can miss. Cheers Matt

      1. I do agree with you about Leica’s are not for everyone. It has taken me a few outings to get used to it. I only ask because I used to document weddings and thought of using the Leica for it, but I wouldn’t trust myself using it as the main body. I would only use for bridal, getting ready type shots, less obtrusive situations. Do you find it difficult during the ceremony or for close up shots or areas that are not easily accessible for you to be in?

      2. No I guess because I use Leica for everything I use them like any other camera and take all photos during the day with the same camera. I just use the lens for the task like with any camera I guess.

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