Leica Wedding Camera Bag

Leica Wedding Camera Bag

Sam and Chris’s Wedding – Thoughts and Camera Gear Used

Coventry Wedding Photographer (Away in Gloucestershire!)
Wedding Venue – Highnam Court, Gloucestershire

August 26, 2014

Leica M9 Wedding

On Saturday I was invited to Photograph Samantha (“Sam”) and Chris’s wedding in Highnam, Gloucestershire. After an early start from Coventry it was set to be a hot bright and sunny day. Unusual for the UK!  The day started with bridal prep shots at the brides parents house so the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH ii and Zeiss Biogon 21mm f2.8 were good for tight space indoor photos. I used the new Leica Summicron 75mm f2 APO for detail photos of the wedding dress, wedding bouquet, shoes etc and again later for the cake and other close up images.

I knew Highnam Church was dark inside so I made myself a small video light to take along. I had already asked in advance regarding standing at the front of the church and that was OK but no flash photography (the normal here). I showed the video light to the Vicar but he was not keen so I had to go ahead without it. For the church ceremony the Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 was a lifesaver and let me keep my ISO on the Leica M9 camera below ISO 640 for moving shots (shutter 1/125) and ISO 400 and lower for still images (shutter 1/30-1/60). I like to keep the ISO on the Leica M9 as low as possible and almost always below ISO 800.  50mm was to tight a focal length to show more than the couple so I used the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH ii at f1.2 and later the Zeiss Biogon 21mm f2.8 at shutter 1/8 for interior photos.

After the wedding ceremony we moved onto Highnam Court for group photos and the rest of the day. I used the Noctilux 50f1 for the majority of the images except during the speeches when I switched to the 1973 Leica Summicron 90mm f2.

We had some downtime after the coffee and cake so I was using my Mamiya RZ 67 Pro 2 with a Polaroid back for some instant photos and I shot a roll of 120 Fuji Pro 400H colour film on the newly acquired Fujica GS645.

It was daylight until quite late but I used off camera lights for the first dance and dancing shots and used either the Noctilux 50f1 or Voigtlander 35f1.2 wide open.

Summary of the camera equipment used on the wedding day:

Digital Camera Gear
Leica M9 camera body – 100%
Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 v2 (shot wide open for majority) – 70%
Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH – 10%
Leica Summicron 75mm f2 APO – 10%
Leica Summicron 90mm f2 APO – 5%
Zeiss ZM Biogon 21mm f2.8 – 5%

Film Photography Gear
Fuji GS645 Pro Folding Camera + 120 Fujica Pro 400H
Mamiya RZ67 Pro2 + Fuji FP100C Instant Polaroid film

I have two more Leica weddings in the UK this week so looking forward to those.  I will post the final images from each of these weddings to www.LeicaWeddingPhotography.co.uk once they are edited and the couples have received them.

Leica Noctilux Wedding

Have a great week!



(Both images included here taken with the Leica M9 + Leica NOctilux 50mm f1.0)


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