MrLeica.Com YouTube Videos (Links)

MrLeica.Com YouTube Videos (Links)

Facing my fears.. after having avoided YouTube forever I finally show myself on camera

(This is quite a big step considering that I don’t even do selfies!)

1. First Video – a teaser of what’s to come

Me facing my fears! MrLeica.Com hits YouTube!
Come and say Hi (and score my cringy efforts out of 10!)

  • I need to learn how to make the YouTube thumbails (this was the best of 3 bad photo options I had showing on the upload)
  • It took maybe 1 hour to shoot the video and then 9 hours trying to edit and upload it! (sob sob!)

The full length (20min+) extra waffles version to follow.. probably tomorrow!

2. From Introvert to Glamour Photography!

  • How did that happen!? My unexpected transition from introvert to attractive semi-naked girl photos.

3. Me talking about my film cameras – 35mm film, 645, 6×6, 6×7 and 4×5.

  • The last part of the very first YouTube video footage shared above. Here I discuss some of my film cameras – Leica M3, Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya 645, Mamiya 7, Hasselblad, Fuji GF670, Fuji GA645, Nikon FM, Nikon F5, Intrepid 4×5 to mention a few names.
  • A general chat about how I accumulated so many film cameras and why I use them all (Reasons why each camera has it’s place).
  • Sorry for the non-specific, quiet, mumbly content. It was my first video so I hope to improve dramatically with each video in these early stages. *Video includes footage of some of the film cameras I use and mention above.

Thank you to everyone who have already subscribed to my YouTube. I need to reach 100 subscribers and then I can rename the channel! Future videos include overseas footage behind the scenes on photo shoots and lots of film camera gear hands on reviews.

4. Kodak BW400CN Review

Video to show that expired film can still make for great photos. Here I use 13 year old expired Kodak BW400CN film with a Leica M3, Nikon FM and Nikon FE2 for portraits. I show the film, the cameras, the developed film in the scanner film holder and the final images.

5. Leica + Hasselblad Photo Shoot – BTS Budapest

Me using a Leica M240, Leica M3 and Hasselblad 501C for a model photo shoot in Budapest. Video footage showing me working with a model.

6. Budapest Apartment Tour + Model Photos

A tour of the Budapest apartment together with sample images shot with Leica, Nikon, Mamiya and Hasselblad cameras.

7. Thanks for the 100 Subs, a Confession, 2012 DSLR Videos & How to light a set (differently)!

Quick off the cuff video perhaps more suited to the few die hard viewers. Very excited to start doing more YouTube so this is me venting on camera! + Looking back at videos I made in 2012.

Something probably more useful is the last 2 minutes or so of this video – How to light a set with unexpected lighting! 🙂

8. New Vlogging Camera! Panasonic Lumix GH5

Quick overview of why I purchased my new Panasonic Lumix GH5 vlogging camera!  (This is not a camera review but that will follow at a later date).

9. Leica CL vs M240 – 7 Reasons why I prefer the CL

12 months on, here are my 7 reasons why I would still buy a Leica CL vs M240 camera. The Leica CL is an amazing little camera not to be overlooked!

10. Lumix GH5 vs Leica CL Photoshoot

After buying a Panasonic Lumix GH5 digital camera for YouTube vlogging I thought I would try the GH5 for photos too. Here are a series of comparison photos using the new Lumix GH5 vs Leica CL during a photo shoot with Harriett.

11. Best Leica 50mm Lens? Review of the 11x 50mm lenses I use

Visual comparison of the 11x 50mm lenses I use for the Leica M camera system. Pros and cons of each lens, technical details, what to buy, what not to buy, and links to full reviews for all lenses mentioned.

12. Running With Cameras: 3 Best Camera Bags For Running (YouTube)

Lightweight minimal setup for running with a Leica/ any other camera.

13. Hasselblad 500 vs Hasselblad SWC Review (YouTube)

Hasselblad 500 vs Hasselblad SWC Review on YouTube to compare the two cameras. Short video to accompany existing detailed reviews for the Hasselblad 501c and Hasselblad Super Wide camera (SWC/M)(Linked below).

14. What is the Best Leica M Film Camera? (Mini Series – Part 1)

What is the Best Leica M Film Camera?  This video is the first of a mini series to compare the different analogue Leica M cameras I use.  If you don’t want to wait for each video to be published you can visit  –… for a comprehensive  Leica M camera buyers guide.

15. Leica M3 vs Leica M2 Review – Camera Specs Comparison

As part of my YouTube Leica M film camera Mini Series here is a Leica M3 vs Leica M2 review. The video covers the main features of each camera and should help you decide which of these Leica film cameras may suit you best, depending on your own personal preferences.

16. Leica M2 / Leica M3 Film Loading + Unloading

How I load film into a Leica M3/ Leica M2 to get 38 exposures per roll + how to unload.

17. My Leica Portrait Lighting Kit (Godox for Leica)

Best lights for portraits!? (What I use): First in a series of light reviews – An overview of the many lights and light modifiers I use with my Leica cameras/ film cameras. Lights include brands such as Godox..

18. Poland Photoshoots – BTS Tour/ B Roll/ Photos

Poland Photoshoots – BTS Tour/ B Roll/ Photos (Using many cameras to keep it interesting) I show where I have been making my Poland model portraits for the last 5 years and share images using multiple different cameras – Leica, Hasselblad, Fuji, Nikon, 4×5..

19. Leica iiia Review + Buying old Cameras/ Lenses on eBay (+ Leica iiia vs Leica M3)

Do you know what a Leica iii camera is? Me neither until one week ago! This Leica iiia review will explain some of the basics and I will share what I now know. Leica M3 vs Leica iiia review

20. Leica iii Film Loading (Leica i,ii,iii) + Zorki 1/ Zorki 2C Film Loading (+ similar Leica Clones)

How to Load Film in a Leica iii Camera (+ Leica i/ ii). To unload film see my Leica M2/ Leica M3 film loading video as it is very similar. (The process is the same for Zorki 1 film loading, Zorki 2C film loading and similar Leica iii clone cameras.

21. Headtorch Photography – How to Light Portraits using a Headtorch (BTS model shoot)

Headtorch Photography – How to Light Portraits using a Headtorch (BTS model shoot video + photos). Using the OLight HS2 Headtorch for portrait photography as well as ultra running! Great piece of kit – very lightweight, powerful and good battery life. Creates spot / beam of light which I find useful for photography when on location or if want to pack light.

22. How to fake daylight for window light portraits (Speedlight on camera / off camera flash portraits)

How to fake daylight for window light portraits (Speedlight on camera flash portraits / off camera flash portraits). Behind the scenes on a model shoot and I share how to mimic window light with flash. Video includes lighting diagrams, BTS video clips and unedited example images. For this Portrait Lighting tutorial I used a Leica CL camera, Godox 350TT speedlight and a Godox XT16 flash trigger. You can of course use any camera and any speedlight / trigger combination to create the same effect.

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