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Hi friend! Here is the latest edition of the monthly MrLeica newsletter – Photography related posts and videos, upcoming events and a hopefully source of inspiration!

Leica M11 (JPEG)
Flickr Digital Model Photo of the Month (Likes)


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New format continues for May 2023

Hi! I changed the newsletter format to make it more useful for you. I started the blog back in 2013 sharing my stories, experiences and reviews of various Leica, film cameras, lenses and more. As it evolves I’m trying to make it more of a source of information to help others.

A student kindly gave me feedback that it was difficult to find recent blog posts when viewing on mobile. The site is much easier to navigate on desktop but that said I’ve setup a new page containing the last 100 written posts if you want to binge read and you can see the latest article now linked on the homepage.

What was I up to last month?

The highlight of April was being invited to a body painting event in Fermo, Italy. Tobi, one of my awesome Patreons kindly invited me. I’ll do a full article on this when I get a chance. In addition to that, two photographers got in touch to request private 1:1 Leica workshops and I got the keys to my new home (renting) near London. After living in Coventry for 15 years (I think) and having jobs/ hobbies that took up all of my time, the house was full of stuff so it’s taking all of my time trying to sort through it. As such, fewer videos and blogs posts in April but I’ll be back on track soon. To add distraction, I also received new lenses from Light Lens Lab and Voigtlander to test and new bags from Wotancraft.

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Workshops in April

Two private 1:1 workshop sessions in April, both in London. It was really nice to host a female Leica photographer for a change for one of the days. One session was how to use a Leica M camera (Leica M10-R). The second was model photography with Leica M11 and Leica M11M (the new Monochrom camera!) A huge thanks to David who flew in from California and let me use his Leica M11 to make a YouTube video and new Leica M11 presets.

Light Lens Lab 35mm f2 8-Element Collapsible
Leica M11 Workshop (JPEG)

Leica+Model Workshops

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Digital photographers

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know my preference for digital Leica cameras (over other brands) and simple metal and glass small manual focus lenses.

Cameras – I shared YouTube videos but I still need to share written reviews for the medium format new Hasselblad H2D 100MP (which I really liked) and the Leica M11/ Leica M11M.

Lenses – Last month I said “I still rather invest in “proper” M/ LTM glass as I want to use my lenses on film cameras too (stay tuned wink wink!)“. They arrived! 3 Light Lens Lab lenses (that I bought, not on loan). Testing continues but full videos to come for the LLL Speed Panchro II 50mm f2, LLL ELCAN 50mm f2 and LLL 35mm f2 8 Element collapsible.

Recommended kit – For portraits you know I love the Leica SL but for travel and street photos Leica M cameras are still number one for me. I wish the Leica CL was full frame as I prefer FF cameras for testing lenses for YouTube. See my KitList for the exact products that I use.

New Lightroom presets! (Leica M11 + Hasselblad X2D) – You can now find LR presets for both cameras available to download here.

MrLeica Make Money with Photography eBook

Film photographers

Film – I’m still using up expired B&W film from the fridge. Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 400, Fuji Acros 100 (that was kindly gifted to me by a Patreon) and my last few rolls of Fomapan 100 film. Once I’ve exhausted my old film stock the plan it to simplify my setup and use Fomapan 100 as my main film and spool some expired bulk roll Kodak Double-X 5222 film for ISO 400-800 conditions.

Cameras – My current favourite film camera is the 1931 Leica Standard, kitted out with a beautiful 36mm Leica finder (cheaper than 35mm VF – top tip!) and the LLL 35mm f2 lens, scaled focused and sunny 16 exposure metering. (You can use any Leica iii camera for this, or Soviet clone*). Photography doesn’t get much more pure than that. I carry the camera in my new Khaki Wotancraft accessory pouch (In their accessory section – sold as an add-on*) – cool looking and functional! I plan to make a full YouTube video on this once i’ve processed the film so stay tuned.

Leica Standard Wotancraft Bag

Directory: Leica Repairs + Leica YouTubers

If you have feedback after a Leica service, repair or CLA I’d love to add it to the Leica Repair Directory page to help others. Equally, if you love watching YouTube, let us know you favourite Leica YouTuber channel?

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My recommended photography gear list – https://mrleica.com/kitlist/
Leica M3 + ELCAN (#2)
Flickr Film Model Photo of the Month (Likes)

Latest YouTube videos

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month. If you’re new here see previous month newsletter for more!

Investing in NEW OLD Lenses | LLL Elcan 50mm vs Cooke Speed Panchro SPII

Surviving AI – How I Plan to Make Photos in 2025


CRAZY SMALL 35mm Summicron! | LLL 8 Element 35mm f2 LTM Collapsible

NO DIFFERENCE!? Leica vs Nikon Z6 with Voigtlander 50mm APO

COMPARISON: Voigtlander ULTRON 75mm f1.9 vs NOKTON 75mm f1.5


Time to go STEALTH! Look after your Leica camera

Was I IMPRESSED? Leica M11 & M11M (+ $9395 Diopter)

Remote Learning!

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Latest blog posts to read

Sorry, only 2 new blog posts shared last month. I enjoy blogging much more than YouTube but both are very time intensive! I have several half written articles so will try to get more published in May.

Written posts to supplement my YouTube review videos including full res images. 300+ existing blog post articles so feel free to browse the back catalogue!

1931 Leica Standard
Flickr Film Non-Model Photo of the Month

Workshops and Photowalks

Workshop dates – Kick start your photography with one of my private 1:1 workshops. For notification and dates of photowalks in your area join my mailing list.

See workshop prices and testimonials

Dubai Leica Model Photography Workshop, 2022

Travel coming up

  • May 2023 Travel – Poland
  • June 2023 Travel – Poland + Czech Republic
  • July 2023 Travel – TBC
  • August 2023 Travel – TBC

Featured photographer of the month

This month I feature the now Leica photographer (plus Hasselblad) Peter Coulson. Peter is a Australian based model photographer that needs no introduction.

Peter first reached out to me when he moved to Leica and found my Leica YouTube videos. Since then we’ve exchanged quite a few phone calls. Peter and Bec (his assistant + model) are now in Europe for their 2023 European workshops. If you love model photography and are interested in attending one of their events check their website for details. I’ll be joining Peter and Bec for the London workshop dates in June if you’re attending. Stay tuned as we have some exciting ideas planned!

This video got 4.1M views!

Featured supplier/ gear of the month

Suppliers are often reaching out to me with offers of free gear to test. Normally I say no thanks but if it’s a product I use on a weekly basis I jump at the opportunity.

This month I want to give a special shout out to Rick at Wotancraft (again!). This time for supplying me with 2 fantastic Wotancraft Pilot series bags to replace my Billingham Hadley Digital bag. I was searching for a new bag so I contacted Rick. See the full video on YouTube. I have since retired my trusty Billingham bag and I’m preferring the lighter weight, better waterproofing and various accessories from Wotancraft. Check out their website for product info. (I was in the Warsaw Poland and the Leica store now sells Wotancraft!)

Leica Wotancraft Bag

Meet my awesome Patreons (NEW!)

Each month I will feature one of my loyal (and awesome) Patreon VIP members. If you want to be featured in a future newsletter join us! Please welcome Carlos Lubina!

“”Hi, My name is Carlos, I am standing in a room barely lit by a red lamp and the distinctive smell of chemistry hits my nose. Pictures I have previously taken magically appear on paper and I love it. It is 1981, my parents have bought a bag containing a manual 35 mm SLR camera with integrated light meter, three M42 manual lenses (wide angle, 50mm and tele) and a tripod to go with it. This bag is my companion for many years doing everything from travel photography to portraits and this leads to boxes full of negatives, slides and even more unforgettable memories. In 1996 after studying Physics in Bonn, Germany I had to travel to a conference in Brisbane, Australia so I bought a lighter autofocus SLR Minolta DYNAX 500si with a travel zoom lens that I still call my own.

Fast forward I am married and have two children, the inevitable digital era has arrived and small low megapixel compact cameras have taken over my attention. They are easy to carry but for me they lack the satisfying view through the lens, the instantaneous release and the sound of the shutter. Eventually 2010 a special family occasion arrives and I treat myself with a NIKON D5000 aps-c DLSR with a 18-105 mm zoom filling lots of memory cards from then on with family vacations and sports events of my children. Shortly after I rediscovered my interest for photography as a hobby outside of family motives and I started experimenting with mainly macro photography and a little bit of infrared photography. While watching YouTube videos I discovered a channel about portrait photography and was able to book a workshop in London. I bought myself a used full frame Sony A850 DSLR and a 85mm lens and went to my first ever portrait shooting. I was utterly unprepared for what followed, but the experience was overwhelmingly positive and lead to my first public exposure of my pictures through my account on Flickr: flickr.com/photos/135542973@N06

Sunrise in Florence
Check out Carlos on Flickr

There I followed several portrait photographers, Matt being one of them. I specifically enjoyed the fact, that you could tell it was one of his photos without seeing his name and also his effortless mix of digital and analogue pictures without breaking style. I also enjoyed the talk about gear, in his YouTube channel because I had myself acquired quite a collection of cameras and lenses, from several middle format cameras (Hasselblad 500 C with analogue and digital back, Agfa Isolette), a collection of full format Sony cameras (A 850, A7RII, A7C) and some APS C cameras (Sony ZV E10, Nikon D5000, D7000) and loads of lenses from 11mm f1.8 to a 70 to 200mm f 2.8. I also had started 3 IG accounts trying to find my creative path, one for travel / family and general pictures @drcarloslubina, another just for portraits @carloslubinaportraits and a third just for analogue work @keep.shooting.analog not really having achieved a clear style yet.

Nine months ago I stumbled over Matts YouTube video “BOYS, TOYS & Time to SELL Some Cameras“ were he addresses the topic of analysis paralysis, something I was suffering from at this time. There I learned, that there is a possibility to contact him directly through Patreon, so I decided to become a member to be able to intensify my exchange and challenge myself to higher goals. Since then I am regularly having 1:1 helpful and highly enjoyable zoom calls with him, where we discuss my goals and progress and I get help and new ideas. I also join our regular Patreon group, where we discuss different topics from analogue gear to model photography. A special highlight was the possibility to meet Matt for a workshop and to shoot two models in London with him. After hours of amazing portrait shooting I realized, that my favorite lens still is the Sony 85mm f1.8 on a full frame body (Sony Alpha 7C) and that I tend to prefer shooting headshots and environmental portraits. I also had the opportunity to try a fast manual lens with him leading to my latest setup, a Voigtländer 40mm f1.2 VM manual lens on a Techart autofocus adapter for my Sony A7C. What’s next? I am preparing for a short trip to Venice with my wife and favorite model Sanne and I am looking forward to discussing the results with Matt.”


Patreon post of the month (shared)

To give you a taster of what we get up to on Patreon I will start sharing a featured post each month. Join our 200+ active monthly members!

Post: “Don’t be a one-trick pony”Read on Patreon

First Patreon meet up

We will be having our first Patreon face to face meetup in London in May. I’m looking forward to meeting some familiar faces from our monthly Zoom calls plus Patreons I’ve yet to talk to on calls. GET IN TOUCH ASAP IF INTERESTED*

Coming up next month..

I’ll be in Poland in May (testing various cameras and lenses) so all that to come. Have a great day!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts! (What can I change on the blog to try to improve the service?)

YouTube video – spotlight

My UK Voigtlander contact kindly sent me the single coated (SC) version of the new Voigtlander Ultron 75mm f1.9 VM lens so I’ll share a full video including SC vs MC (multi-coated).

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New York Workshop

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