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Hi friend! Here is the latest edition of the monthly MrLeica newsletter – Photography related posts and videos, upcoming events and hopefully a source of inspiration!

Leica CL Photoshoot
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Coming up..

Hi! I started the blog back in 2013 sharing my stories, experiences and reviews of various Leica, film cameras, lenses and more. Check out the last 100 blog posts and search all 400+ articles using the toolbar on the homepage.

What was I up to last month?

August saw me travel to Italy for another body painting event and we also used it as a Patreon meet-up for those that could make it. I took around 3400 photos during approximately 30 photoshoots. (You can see some images in the recent Leica Q blog post if interested). With that said, I’m still struggling to find time to post one photo a day to Flickr and Instagram. FYI, if you follow along on Flickr, those photos are the full size JPEGs of the images I then share on Instagram (I just screenshot them for IG).

Patreon meetup – Italy

This months newsletter is a shorter one. It still has all the YouTube videos and blog posts that you may have missed but without some of the extras. I will try to mix it up from month to month to keep it interesting.

I do have some potentially exciting news though. I had a light bulb moment at 5:45 this morning. Leica users need an easier way to buy and sell used cameras and lenses. eBay fees are just too expensive to sell higher value items and trying to find nice Leica related items to buy is hard enough at the best of times! As such, I setup a new page – Buy/Sell Leica

NEW! Buy / Sell Leica Equipment

I often receive emails asking ‘Where can I sell my Leica lens?” or “I can’t find a Leica film camera for sale”. As this blog receives a fair amount of Leica related views (traffic) I thought I would try to facilitate the process to help the Leica community. I’ve setup a new page to let you either list camera equipment for sale or find camera equipment to buy. (Mostly Leica but not limited to*).


Looking for a near Mint Leica M6 camera?

To kick off the service and to perhaps bring some excitement I am going to sell my serviced, very clean Leica M6 Classic. Ever since buying the M6 it’s never seen much use. As regular readers will know, I’m a M3 guy at heart, not an M6! The camera comes boxed with cap and original plastic cover on the bottom plate. There is a small paint chip from when I was packing cameras away after a video and dinked it (so annoying!). *It was serviced after so calibration etc is all OK. Please note the light meter doesn’t work and cannot be repaired (I’m told). As I rarely use a light meter I didn’t even know it was an issue until I sent it for a service!

Check back soon!

I’ve setup a page link on the MrLeica.com homepage so you can easily check what cameras and lenses are available when you visit the blog. Hopefully we’ll soon have a long list of nice cameras and lenses to pick from (and for anyone looking to sell please read the instructions on the page). I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to both buy and sell 🙂 Click the button below for full details –

Patreon Sign up perk for sellers

To get more cameras and lenses listed for sales sooner, here is an offer –

  • New member offer: Patreon Plus 12 month annual payment – Save 10% on Patreon + List 1 item for sale FREE
  • New member offer: Patreon Pro 12 month annual payment – Save 10% on Patreon + List 2 item for sale FREE
  • Existing member offer: Switch from pay monthly to pay annually to enjoy the same benefits (for your tier)
  • Offer ends Sunday 10th September 2023

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Workshops in July

I ran 2 private 1:1 workshops in London last month. I forgot to take many BTS photos but Louise brought her Leica M11 and Leica M11M cameras with a goal to master her Leica cameras. Dean’s booking was more of a Corporate booking. He wanted to get trained up on using his Leica Q3 camera for portraits/ model photography with the plan to use it to take photos for the business social media pages.

Leica M11 + Leica M11M
London Workshop: Louise’s beautiful Leica M11 + Leica M11M

I’m seeing an increase in interest in this areas as companies realise the importance (and power) of social media and they need to be able to take decent photos to use. Dean enjoyed our 8hr workshop in London which include half a day in the studio. We’ve already got two more follow up dates in the diary. It looks like I will become more of a short term consultant for their brand. We are going to setup their studio/ lighting so eventually they can do everything themselves and achieve professional results.

I really enjoy teaching both Leica and lighting in particular so these sessions are very rewarding. I’ll try to share some BTS clips from our future workshops in YouTube videos to follow.

Dates for Travel, Group Workshops & Photowalks

Please contact me regarding workshops and photowalks. Here are my travel details so far –

Dubai Leica Model Photography Workshop, 2022


  • September I will be teaching in Rotterdam, Netherlands (and London*)


  • October I will be teaching in Valencia, Spain (and London*)


  • November I may be teaching in Gdansk, Poland. TBC


  • December I will likely travel to Spain or the Canary Isles for winter sun

Private 1:1 Tuition

Kick start your photography with a private 1:1 workshops. See workshop prices and testimonials

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Digital photographers

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know my preference for digital Leica cameras (over other brands) and simple metal and glass small manual focus lenses.

Cameras – For my Italy trip I took the Leica Q and Leica SL. (See the new Leica Q blog post for example photos). I enjoyed shooting with flash so I may try to do more flash portraits next month.

Lenses – Loving the new Voigtlander Color Skopar 28mm f2.8 lens(es). I got the black LTM version (Typ I – L) but i’ll use it on digital too.

Recommended kit Leica SL – It’s still the best bang for the buck Leica IMO. See my full KitList for the exact products that I use.

NEW PRESETS – After using my Leica CL in Vegas I decided to make a new v2 LR preset pack to suit my current photography style. That will eventually replace the original Leica CL presets pack but currently both are still available. I will likely do the same for my Leica M240 camera for the same reason. Leica Q2 Lightroom presets are still to come when I get a chance.

MrLeica Make Money with Photography eBook

Film photographers

Film – I lab developed the C41 colour film from Vegas last week but I’ve had no time yet to scan it. Hopefully this month! Likewise I’ve still not developed the B&W film from the US, Poland, Czech Republic and other trips over the summer. Maybe next month if I can try to plan a free day.

Cameras – After getting the new Voigtlander Color Skopar 28mm f2.8 lens I reviewed I will be using my Leica iii cameras but also I think I will dust off my Voigtlander Bessa R camera. The Bessa R is great for 28mm & 35mm as I can use the built in viewfinder (and approximate a 28mm view by using the entire viewfinder area).

Directory: Leica Repairs + Leica YouTubers

If you have feedback after a Leica service, repair or CLA I’d love to add it to the Leica Repair Directory page to help others. Equally, if you love watching YouTube, let us know your favourite Leica YouTuber channel?

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My recommended photography gear list – https://mrleica.com/kitlist/

Latest YouTube videos

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month. If you’re new here see previous month newsletters for more!


Leica M11: I WAS WRONG..


SURPRISED? | Leica Q3 vs Leica M11

WHY? (Leica CL, not the Q3 or M11)

UNEXPECTED Results! Leica Q3 vs Q2 vs Q (DETAILED Comparison)


TRUTH Revealed + Unfair Advantage (LEICA Q3, Q2, Q)

Almost OUTSTANDING! | Voigtlander 28mm 2.8 Color Skopar for Leica

COMPARISON: Voigtlander Color Skopar 28mm 2.8 vs Leica / Zeiss..

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Latest blog posts to read

3 new articles shared in August. I am testing lots of gear behind the scenes so more to follow!

Written posts to supplement the YouTube review videos including full res images. 400+ existing blog post articles.


Patreon post of the month (shared)

To give you a taster of what we get up to on Patreon I here is a post you missed! Join our 240+ active monthly members and look for the 10% off discount!

Post: I went from a 39hr p/w Corporate job to a 84hr p/w YouTube life!View on Patreon

Coming up next month..

September is looking pretty busy for workshops, 5x 1:1 including 2 during a trip to the Netherlands. I still have a big backlog of videos to share from the last few months so those coming soon. I hope to be testing the new Leica Summilux-M 50mm f1.4 ASPH II lens so I will feed back on that. Finally, if you watched the latest bag video (link below – spotlight) I will announce the lucky winner for the bag giveaway in the next newsletter.

YouTube video – spotlight

You may have already seen it but the first video in September will be my “How do you carry your Leica?” video.

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