My Wedding Photography @ Ramada Solihull Hotel Wedding Fayre

My Wedding Photography + The Ramada Solihull Hotel Wedding Fayre

Ramada Solihul Hotel Wedding Fayre

Leica Wedding Photography / Bridal Photography

As a UK Leica Wedding Photographer and also fashion photographer I enjoy bridal photography as it is the perfect mix of beautiful models and dresses without the rush and stress of the actual wedding day. I love my model photography as I am 100% in control of the location and impact the lighting has on the final image. I can move models exactly and pose perfectly to make the most of the available light or light from a videolight/ speedlight.

On a wedding day the location and couple can both look stunning but time is rarely available to stop proceedings for long so you must capture what you can when you can and get yourself in the right position to benefit from available light.

One of the best wedding photographers at shooting with available light is Jeff Ascough. I believe he now uses Canon Mark IIIs due to the high ISO capabilities but he used to use Leica. I try to do the same as he does with his full auto Canon with my manual Leica M9 and the light sucking Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 ASPH ii lens. I have a DSLR (Nikon D800) but found there was no real challenge in getting a nice photo. I then turned to film photography to challenge myself and used various old cameras for my paying client work, model photography fashion and beauty shoots and for weddings.

The Leica M9 is the best of both worlds. It feels and operates like my film cameras yet it produces digital images which speeds up my workflow.

The Wedding Market

The market is currently saturated with people calling themselves wedding photographers who own a mid range DSLR and want to make some extra cash. They put their camera on full auto mode, add TTL (auto) flash and shoot in excess of 1000-2000 images on the day. Light levels are no longer a factor as the camera will automatically correctly expose every photo regardless of ambient light. Hopefully the couple will be pleased with their photos and normally benefit from a low wedding photography cost as these guys normally undercut the ‘pros’.

My Wedding Photography Style

I like to be different so use my manual Leica M9 for wedding photography both in the UK and across Europe. It means I have to think more and work fast but I like the challenge. I favour black and white photography but couples have the option of colour photos too. I hope my B&W photos look more like black and white fine art images than standard colour wedding shots. They often look more organic (to me)(that being less sharp and more textured) and have a timeless quality.


Looking ahead to 2014

In advance of 2014 i’ll be a attending the Ramada Solihull Hotel Wedding Fayre on Sunday 29th September 2013. I will have a small stand and will also cover the event and capture the bridal catwalk. Show starts at 11am through til 3pm, with free car parking & 10% off a Sunday lunch on the day.

Extra info – Exhibitors ranging from Florists, Wedding Stationary to Hog Roasts & Wedding Singers.

Venue Location – Ramada Solihull Hotel, The Square, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3RF

Contact – Samantha Morgan / 0121 711 5482 /

Hope to see you there! 🙂 – Leica M9 Wedding Photographer

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