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Leica Summicron-R 50mm Portrait
Flickr photo of the month – July 2021 (Astrid)


  • July – Recap
  • July 2021 YouTube Videos
  • UK Workshops
  • Overseas Workshops
  • Patreon – Zoom Calls & More
  • August – Coming up!

July – Recap

If you blinked you may have missed it! I felt like it passed in a blur. I had big ideas to start sharing some large format camera posts (and using the cameras more) and then I was taken down by an unforeseen missile, aka. the Leica R6. I didn’t see it coming but it totally threw off all my planned YouTube videos. I am behind on Leica M lens vids and LTM lens vids purely because I have been so hooked on the Leica R stuff. It just works so well for portraits! Workshops and weddings also started back up so it felt like someone hit the fast forward button.. and with climate change it is either raining non stop or no rain at all. The unpredictible weather has made it challenging for outdoor photoshoots! I also tried to get some film developing done but that comes and goes in waves. I did a lot then nothing since but still have a pile of film in the fridge to develop.

July 2021 YouTube Videos

After I managed an average of 2 videos a week for 12 months I finally hit near burnout in June so for July I dropped it to only 1 video per week. With lockdowns now eased I’m teaching workshops a lot more (which I love!), eating into my video time but I hope to get back to 2 videos a week again as soon as I can! Here are the July YT videos if you missed them!

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Leica R6

I can’t beleive I didn’t give Leica R cameras a chance sooner! GameChanger!

Check used Leica R6 prices: (US) (UK)

Funleader 18mm f8 Caplens

Tiny & fun M mount lens at an affordable price! See video notes for more info.

Funleader: “MRLEICA” 5% Off – Check lens options & prices

Leica R6 vs Nikon FE2

I was interested to see how my new Leica R setup compared to my trusty Nikon FE2. All images shot on Kodak Vision3 film. See video notes for more info.

The Leica Look

Discussing the topic of the “Leica Look” and how I try to fake it with Presets!

Leica SL

This is the Leica R6 in digital camera terms! Why didn’t I buy the SL sooner!

Check used Leica SL Prices: (US) (UK)


UK Workshops

Now lockdowns have eased in the UK it has been full steam ahead for teaching 1-to-1 photography workshops again. I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. That said, students are often either Leica photographers and trying to get more from their cameras, film photographers trying to master their latest film camera/ film or anyone wanting to try model photography. We sometimes do street photography too so I tailor it to your needs.

  • July 2021 – London & Birmingham 1:1 workshops – Complete
  • August 2021 – London & Birmingham 1:1 workshops – Fully Booked
  • September 20212 Spaces remaining for London 1:1 workshops
  • October 2021 – London & Birmingham 1:1 workshops – 3 Spaces remaining

See workshop prices and testimonials on the blog

Overseas Workshops

I’m very aware many of you are overseas and quite a few in both Germany and the US that I speak to. If I can get enough people from one country looking for 1:1 workshops I can look to fly to your country and do a mini road trip to see as many of you as I can. If you are interested in me flying to you please get in touch so I have an idea of numbers.

The other option is do as some others do and fly into London and I’ll meet you there. The advantage of meeting you in your city is (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is if you rather come to London you get the excuse for a holiday!

Patreon – New features

Zoom Call Helpline Service!

I’m starting to do more 1:1 Zoom calls as people pro-actively ask for my assistance. I help fellow photographers around the world with camera and lens purchases (especially) but also help with other topics such as film developing, lighting, film camera issues. Get in touch via Patreon if you need my assistance.

Monthly Zoom Call Group Face-to-Face Meet ~30mins

On the Patreon platform £5+ tier members now meet for a monthly call to chat all things photography and to learn from each other. Dates are announced on Patreon, normally a Wednesday evening UK time. Join us! We also have our own private Facebook group that you can be part of.

Monthly Zoom Call Seminar (Listen In) ~30mins

On the Patreon platform £3+ tier members can now dial in for a monthly call to hear me talking on a specific photography topic. I will share all I know on a specific subject and different to the gear reviews on YouTube. Dates are announced on Patreon, normally a Wednesday evening UK time.

Patreon Extras

For access to 150+ additional post, 18+ images, photobooks and more sign up to Patreon.


August – Coming Up

August is looking booked up before we even started with more weddings and lots of workshops. I hope to get back to some Leica M /LTM lens videos very soon so stay tuned! There is also the new digital camera on the way! (Spoiler alert – Leica SL!)

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

One video that I have promised over the last 12 months is finally coming! The clues I can give are.. It is a modern medium format folding camera and is said to be one of the best film camera ever made. Out soon!

Travel update

No travel plans as yet but impatiently waiting for the travel restrictions to ease to and from the UK. Fingers crossed I can travel again soon!

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2 thoughts on “Newsletter – August 2021”

  1. Just discovered Leica R, shame. I was using both M and R in the early 90’s and continue today. I have found the R cameras to be solid, and depending on the model offering enough gizmos to satisfy most. Currently I am using my M 7 with three R lenses. I have the 55 macro and the 35-70 plus the 80-200, both are f 4. Superb glass, again solid, well made and on the heavy side due to the barrel being metal. Again, shame😊

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Dave! Yes all good lenses, I have the 35-70, 80-200 and various primes. I think the 55mm macro is Nikon? (The macro for R is 60mm)

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