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Minolta X300 45mm Portrait
Flickr Model Photo of the Month – Dec21 (Malgorzata, Poland 2020) (Most Liked)


  • Recap from December
  • YouTube Videos from December
  • New Blog Posts
  • UK Workshops
  • Overseas Workshops
  • Patreon – Zoom Calls & More
  • January 2022 – Coming up!

Recap from December

Happy New Year all! So looking back at December, I managed to finally get back to my model friends in Poland. A well overdue trip! I was greeted with -9 degrees celcius and snow so that made for some nice festive looking photos. I took a few new lenses with me to test and I’ve posted the first 2 of the 3 YouTube videos (see below). There is also the usual behind the scenes videos (“BTS”) shared on Patreon.

Zoom went wild!

My 1:1 Zoom call “service” went crazy in December and in one week I think I spoke to photographers in 5 different countries. If you need consultancy on cameras, lenses, lighting, model photography, film, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’ve made a new section on the blog with details and testimonials –

Blog make-over!

Talking of the blog, I took some time over the holidays to try to simplify the 8 years of blog posts on The blog has evolved over the years and perhaps wasn’t the easiest website to navigate. To change that, I split out the posts so things are easier to find. The Leica tab is now for Leica cameras (film and digital), Leica Lightroom presets and anything Leica related except lenses. You now have a dedicated Lenses tab which does exactly what is says and includes all lens reviews for all cameras. The new Camera tab is where you now find the film camera reviews, all film formats. Lastly, the Film tab is now specific to film stock reviews.

Find the best price for your photography gear

We all want to find the lowest price when it comes to buying new photography gear so to facilitate this I setup I partnered up with a company where I can now provide you with links to all the products I use in one place. Amazon product links for 60+ countries rather than just limited to the UK and US plus B&H and Adorama links too. You can also use the MRLEICA discount code at selective stores for additional money off.


December 2021 YouTube Videos Catch-up:

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month:

#1 BESTSELLER | Voigtlander 50mm f2 APO Review (Leica M)

If you need a sharp 50mm lens for your Leica M mount camera look no further!

New Street Photography Lens for LEICA | TTArtisan 28mm f5.6

An excellent value lens from TTArtisan. Beautifully made and TINY!

Voigtlander 90mm f2.8 APO-Skopar Review

New from Voigtlander. A compact high quality 90mm lens for Leica.

Leica R5 vs Leica R7 Review

A reminder of these great cameras. The forgotten yet VERY affordable Leica R.

Voigtlander Heliar Classic 50mm f1.5 Review (for Leica)

Voigtlander changed things up and designed a lens to be imperfect.


New Blog Posts in December

The blog has been really neglected since I started YouTube towards the end of 2019. There are only so my hours in a day but in December I tried to get back on it and posted 2 new reviews. These written posts accompany the YouTube videos where I share more photos (and some at full resolution) for the equipment I am testing. (To receive these reviews straight to you inbox you can sign up to the free newsletter).

Workshop Dates + Travel Updates

> UK workshop dates – If you a looking to kick start your photography for 2022 you are welcome to join me for one of my 1:1 workshops. I offer them on a first come basis:

  • January 2022 – London 1:1 workshop – 1 Space remaining
  • February 2022 – London 1:1 workshop – 1 Space remaining
  • March 2022 – London 1:1 workshop – 2 Space remaining

See workshop prices and testimonials on the blog

> Overseas workshop dates – there is a growing interest in overseas workshops as travel restrictions are easing. Please let me know what countries and cities you are in if you’d like to meet up. I plan to teach a 1:1 workshop in Poland in February (already requested) and others are in discussion. My goal is to be overseas more frequently from around May onwards but I will be doing monthly trips until that time too.

> Travel – As mentioned earlier, I finally got back to Gdansk in December despite the increased Covid restrictions being put in place. I found a nice apartment to use as a studio for the week. See the apartment tour and various BTS videos on Patreon. Sadly, I think many of the models had Covid on their minds as from the 15 confirmed bookings 9 then cancelled once I arrived. Thankfully we still had some great shoots and it was nice to catchup with people.

50mm Voigtlander Heliar f1.5
Sample from Poland trip (2nd most liked!) See Patreon for BTS video – Malgorzata

Patreon & Zoom

Great speaking to some of you on our group Zoom calls in December. We had 3 calls to include a bonus Christmas meetup.

NEW for 2022! 2x 1 Hour Group Zoom Calls/ Month

As requested we will now have 2 one hour duration calls per month.

£3+ Tier members – Dial in for a live Q&A with me (or whatever else we decide to do). Often a slightly larger group.

£5+ Tier members – Dial in for our interactive group chat on all things photography. Learn from each other and even request to take the stage and present to the group. Usually a smaller group so you get more opportunities to speak. Join our private Facebook group and get involved!

Dates are announced on Patreon ahead of the calls, usually weekday evenings, UK time.

January 2022 – Coming Up

It sounds very un-cool but what I’m looking forward to the most in 2022 is getting back to longer brighter days and more sunshine! I’m so productive and happy when there is sunlight (and not overly cold) and I really struggle when it’s dark most the day, wet and cold. I plan to cheat and just find cheap flights to sunnier places until the UK spring-summer arrives!

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

Rather than tell you about a review that I have already posted (like last month), I can confirm that I am currently testing the 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 Leica M mount lens. I’m exciting to see how it compares to the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.4 lens so stay tuned for that.

Previous Newsletters (and all the video links!)

Gdansk Christmas Postcard
Flickr Non-Model Photo of the Month – Poland (Most Liked)

First Time Reader? Additional Info Below

> UK Workshops

Now lockdowns have eased in the UK it has been full steam ahead for teaching 1-to-1 photography workshops again. I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. For full details see the workshop prices and testimonials.

Model Photography Workshop - London
London Leica Workshop 2021

> Overseas Workshops

I’m very aware many of you are overseas and quite a few in both Germany and the US that I speak to. If I can get enough people from one country looking for 1:1 workshops I can look to fly to your country and do a mini road trip to see as many of you as I can. Hopefully travel restriction will reduce by say April and then we can start looking at planning some events. Please contact me if you are interested.

Some advantages of meeting you in your city include (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is, if you rather come to the UK for a London workshop you have the excuse for a holiday!

Model Photography Workshop
Zurich Photography Workshop

> Patreon

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Zoom Consultations

Not sure what camera or lens to buy? Book a 1:1 Zoom call and I can answer your questions and give pros and cons of similar products.

YouTube Monthly Giveaways

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for a chance to win! Monthly giveaways – £30/$40+ of Patreon & Zoom call access and higher value items such as lenses.

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