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Hi friends! Here is the latest edition of my monthly newsletter – A summary of posts and videos you may have missed, upcoming events, useful information and anything else I can think of. I hope you enjoy it!

TTArtisan 50mm 0.95 Review
Flickr Model Photo of the Month – Weronika (Most Liked)


  • Recap from May
  • New Updates
  • YouTube Videos from May
  • New Blog Posts
  • UK Workshops
  • Overseas Workshops
  • Patreon, Zoom Calls & More
  • June 2022 – Coming up!

Recap from May

I’ll keep it brief as I cover it in the various sections below. I flew to Portugal and Spain for photography, photographed a UK wedding, a German Leica photographer flew to the UK to meet me for a model workshop in London, I release a new Lightroom preset (as requested), I finally published new blog articles and I posted a few videos on the YouTube channel too. Let’s jump straight in!

First Wedding Shoot Complete For 2022

First wedding photography shoot of the year complete and I have the next wedding fast approaching. It was an amazing day! The couple, their outfits and the beautiful wedding venue all really helped me capture some lovely photos. I shot with digital Leica cameras, Hasselblad film cameras and video too! (See the Patreon what’s in my bag video. I had a lot of kit!) I’ll try to share some highlights from the day on the wedding blog and wedding instagram page.

Leica M240 Wedding
Flickr wedding photo of the month (Most liked)

New Lightroom Preset!

Sorry not the Leica M9 ones as I still need to stop everything and dig out my old M9 files but Panasonic Lumix G series presets. After posting a few videos showing I was using these small and affordable Lumix G cameras and getting nice results just by applying a preset I had a few requests to my make presets available. You can now get my MrLeica Lumix G preset bundle (3+1 free) here.

Nikkor 180mm Portrait
Example photo: Lumix Gx80 + MrLeica Lumix G B&W preset

Latest Photography Gear

See my latest photography kit list at

Group Photowalk Workshop Interest

Following the announcement of my new group workshops in the April newsletter, I’ve received interest for the UK, Poland, America (NYC), Spain, and more. Join the new workshop mailing list to receive direct emails with workshops dates for the specific regions you are interested in.

May 2022 YouTube Videos Catch-up:

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month:

Battle of the 50mm APO! Leica-SL APO vs Voigtlander APO

Comparing the Leica Summicron-SL 50mm f2 APO vs 50mm APO-Lanthar!

Best camera bags for the more active photographer

Looking at a few options for how best to carry you camera and lenses safely.

Fact or fiction: Leica sensors are better? Let’s find out!

Side by side comparison: Leica M sensor vs Camera X sensor. Are Leica worth it?

New 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 vs TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 (Winner is?)

Comparing the new cheap Chinese 28mm for Leica M vs an existing one.

2022: As Instagram starts to fade I remind viewers about Flickr!

Flickr offers many benefits over Instagram. Here are 10 reasons I love it in 2022!

The new Lomography Atoll 17mm f2.8 lens for Leica M mount

If you need a fast wide full frame lens de-clicked for video you might like this!

Best film cameras in 2022? What I use for wedding photography

After 10 ish years of film cameras which ones are the best for a fast paced day?


New Blog Posts in May

I’m back on the horse and enjoying the ride! Four new blog posts shared in May and it feels good to be writing again. I’m not the best at it but I still enjoy sharing information with sample photos (and related articles). Staying on the horse theme, I am definitely a one trick pony. Writing starts and videos stop. I struggle to go all in on more than one thing at a time. (The same is true when developing and scanning film. YouTube videos stop until i’ve finished).

These written posts supplement my YouTube review videos including full res images. There are 300+ existing blog post articles so feel free to browse the back catalogue!

Model Workshop Dates and Updates

Workshop dates – If you a looking to kick start your photography for 2022 you are welcome to join me for one of my 1:1 workshops. There are limited places so I offer on a first come basis. For notification and dates of future workshops and photowalks in your area join my workshop mailing list.

  • July 2022 – London 1:1 – 1 Space + Gdansk/Bydgoszcz (Poland)
  • August 2022 – London 1:1 – 1 Space + Overseas workshops (TBC)

See workshop prices and testimonials on the blog

Model Photography Workshop London
London Model 1-2-1 Workshop – May 2022
New Workshops for 2022!

Discounted UK workshops (Birmingham) – full day UK workshops for only £399.99 (£50 off) or half day for £249.99 (£30 off)

Poland – Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw. (Same price as London workshops)*

> Hungary workshops – Budapest. (Same price as London workshops)*

Spain – Valencia-Alicante region. Multi-day, More info coming soon!

> Tenerife – Small group/solo + model, multi-day. More info coming soon!

US – New York. I will trying to plan a visit perhaps later in 2022.

Your countries – Want me to fly to your city? Get in touch!


Travel Updates

I’ve booked more flights for Poland (Gdansk and Bydgoszcz) and still want to get back to Budapest when I get a chance. If you are interested in Poland model workshops / photowalk workshops get in touch via the mailing list.

Unedited Fomapan 100 Scan

> May Travel (Faro, Portugal) – I wanted to test some cameras so I Googled cheapest flight from my local airport and the result was Faro as my destination. Travelling with only a small backpack and staying in a hostel with private room the whole trip was really cheap and I got some early season warm weather and sunshine to work in. I had no models booked but accidently met one I’d worked with two years ago and that lead to working with a local model agency for half a day!

45mm f1.8 Portrait
Sample from Portugal trip – New model Mariana

> May Travel (Alicante/ Valencia region, Spain) – Back in Spain but this time travelling with a German model, Angelica, who flew in from Tenerife to meet me. Travelling with a model means I have a pretty muse to work with 24/7 so it can be great to make the most of new locations and especially outdoor locations in warm weather.

I’ve done this in the past on my Tenerife trips where I flew with models from the UK and then we just shot non-stop for most of the trip. See my Tenerife photoshoots 2018 post where I travelled with a beautiful UK based Polish girl with our joint goal of just making as many amazing photos as possible. She went on to blow up on Instagram after me trying to persuade her to start an account. Very focused individual and it shows you can be successful if you work at something (Looking amazing probably helped too!). If you want to see more of the same see the Tenerife photoshoots 2017 with multiple models.

For the middle part of our Spain trip Angelica and I visited David at cycling retreat villa again (the place where I’ll be teaching future group photography workshops), not for cycling this time but to enjoy the local area and their B&B service. Their villa makes an amazing location for photoshoots! I will try to do a full post with sample photos once i’ve developed the film.

Tenerife Model Photography Workshops
Sample from Spain trip – Angelica

– Join Patreon to watch fun behind the scenes videos overseas!


June 2022 – Coming Up

To tick some things off my overdue list I am not travelling in June. I will release my Leica M9 presets (at last) and new A5 size 40 models on B&W film softback photobooks in the same style as the one released in 2020. I aim to print a run of the overdue 2021 book AND the new 2022 book as the books relate to model photos from the previous year.

In the past I have sold these models on film books through Patreon where you will see a preview once ready but if you are interested I can include the details in next months newsletter.

I aim to get more blog posts released this month and refresh the site a little. If you have any feedback on this blog (likes and dislikes I’d love to hear your thoughts to try to improve the service!)

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

It’s not a surprise as I released it before finishing the newsletter but I finally posted my Contax T2 video in June. I also plan to share my review of the vintage Canon 28mm f2.8 LTM too later this month. A great little lens!

Contax T2 Travel Camera
Flickr Non-Model Photo of the Month – (Most Liked)

First Time Reader? Additional Info Below

> UK Workshops

I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. For full details see workshop prices and testimonials + join the mailing list for dates.

Model Photography Workshop - London
London Leica Workshop 2021

> Overseas Workshops

Happy to travel worldwide to run photography workshops. See above for some of the planned countries and join the mailing list to submit your interest.

Hasselblad 60mm Portrait
New York Workshop

Some advantages of meeting you in your city include (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is, if you rather come to the UK for a London workshop you have the excuse for a holiday!

Model Photography Workshop
Zurich Photography Workshop

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