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Jupiter-8 B&W Portrait
Flickr Model Photo of the Month – Pheobe (Most Liked)


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Recap from April

April came and went in a blink! Sorry still no new Leica M9 presets and no new blog posts but I did get to Poland and Spain to make new content.

April Was Costly!

I flew out to the Alicante region of Spain to plan future photography workshops in collaboration with cycling retreat. It was great to meet David in person but I had no idea it would cost me money once I got home!

Normally I’m reasonably safe against photography GAS as I have most of what I think I need and often don’t lust after the latest camera models. We wanted small cameras to cycle with so David asked if I’d like to try a Micro Four Thirds camera. I thought the little Olympus E-P5 ‘toy’ looking camera might be fun to try so I used it a long side my compact Leica CL camera. I was shocked by the resulting photos!  (See “Pana-Leica” video below).


New Photography Kit

After my trip to Spain I bought that new awesome tripod I discovered and a few other cool bits. See my latest kit list at

Group Photowalk Workshop Interest

Following the announcement of my new group workshops in the April newsletter, I’ve received interest for the UK, Poland, America (NYC), Spain, and more. Join the new workshop mailing list to receive direct emails with workshops dates for the regions you are interested in.

Wedding Season

As the weather starts to improve in the UK I received another new booking for this year so I now have one wedding a month all summer I think. My first wedding for 2022 is in May so i’ll be sure to share a sample and some feedback! It’s going to be a fun one as the couple have requested digital photos, film photos and video! (I’ll do a Patreon what’s in my bag video!) Check out my separate wedding blog and a wedding instagram for more images/ info!

April 2022 YouTube Videos Catch-up:

Below is a catch up of all the YouTube videos I published last month:

The imperfect Jupiter-12 35mm f5.6 LTM lens

Some copies are good, some are “lemons”. Both will make for creative photos!

Looking for a bomb proof Leica camera? Look no further!

Leica cameras that can be banged, dropped, knocked but just keep working

Treat your LTM camera to the new Voigtlander 40mm Heliar lens

Voigtlander answer our wishes with a new screw mount lens! (also in M mount)

How good is the Leica SL2-S? Time to upgrade?

Comparing the latest Leica SL2-S vs my original Leica SL

Love the Leica Q and 28mm view but want something smaller?

No not an iPhone but pairing the light and compact Leica CL + 18mm Elmarit

Pana-Leica lens vs real Leica lens. The winner is??

Testing the Leica Summilux 15mm f1.7 vs Leica Elmarit 18mm f2.8

Compact digital cameras for travel

Leica CL vs 6 cheaper alternatives! Sony, Fuji, Lumix, Ricoh..

New Blog Posts in April

None for April but I have already posted one in May!). Written posts supplement my YouTube review videos including full res images. There are 300+ existing blog post articles so feel free to browse the back catalogue!

Model Workshop Dates and Updates

Workshop dates – If you a looking to kick start your photography for 2022 you are welcome to join me for one of my 1:1 workshops. There are limited places so I offer on a first come basis. For notification and dates of future workshops and photowalks in your area join my workshop mailing list.

  • June 2022 – London 1:1 – 1 Space + Overseas workshops (TBC)
  • July 2022 – London 1:1 – 1 Space + Overseas workshops (TBC)

See workshop prices and testimonials on the blog

Voigtlander 50mm APO Portrait
London Model 1-2-1 Workshop – April 2022
New Workshops for Spring 2022!

Discounted UK workshops (Birmingham) – full day UK workshops for only £399.99 (£50 off) or half day for £249.99 (£30 off)

Poland – Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw. (Same price as London workshops)*

> Hungary workshops – Budapest. (Same price as London workshops)*

Spain – Valencia-Alicante region. Multi-day, More info coming soon!

US – New York. I will trying to plan a visit perhaps later in 2022.

Your countries – Want me to fly to your city? Get in touch!


Travel Updates

Flights are booked for Spain again in May (this time with a model) and i’m looking to book some European trips for June and July. (Probably Poland and perhaps Budapest, TBC). I will send emails with dates via the mailing list.

Unedited Fomapan 100 Scan

> April Travel (Gdansk, Poland) – Back to Poland to shoot with a few regulars. Lots of cancellations this time sadly so less models than planned but I was testing lenses and recording YouTube videos instead.

> April Travel (Alicante region, Spain) – My first time in this part of Spain and first visit to the country for many years. This was a trip to visit David at and their beautiful cycling retreat/ villa close to the old town of Ontinyent. See some of the above linked YouTube videos to see some clips of the region and a full blog post to follow once I’ve developed the film. We will be running week long small group photography workshops from the villa with the option of cycling or non-cycling so to cater for everyone. Please get in touch for more details*

Leica Elmar 5cm f3.5
Sample from Gdansk trip – Natalie

– Join Patreon to watch fun behind the scenes videos overseas!


May 2022 – Coming Up

I have a backlog of part recorded YouTube videos with completed lens testing. Now I need to find time to put them together for you guys! Content still to come from Poland, Budapest, Spain, Portugal and more (and then I need to develop all my film, colour and B&W).

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

I promised the Contax T2 film camera for April but I failed. It’s on the list so I will try to share in it May! The new video I can announce for the May newsletter is the new 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 lens. Testing already complete so coming soon! Subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on your notifications so not to miss it (and have a chance of winning my monthly giveaway!)

Leica CL + 18mm TL
Flickr Non-Model Photo of the Month – (Most Liked)

First Time Reader? Additional Info Below

> UK Workshops

I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. For full details see workshop prices and testimonials + join the mailing list for dates.

Model Photography Workshop - London
London Leica Workshop 2021

> Overseas Workshops

Happy to travel worldwide to run photography workshops. See above for some of the planned countries and join the mailing list to submit your interest.

Hasselblad 60mm Portrait
New York Workshop

Some advantages of meeting you in your city include (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is, if you rather come to the UK for a London workshop you have the excuse for a holiday!

Model Photography Workshop
Zurich Photography Workshop

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