Nikon D800 DSLR vs. Nikon FM SLR film camera!

This photo is of Polish model Agnieszka in the studio taken with the pro level DSLR 36MP Nikon D800 + Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens.

Now as a comparison here is a photo of the same model omn the same day but from the opposite side taken with a Nikon FM 35mm SLR film camera:

Film is NOT Dead - Model Photogaphy

Nikon FM + Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s
Kodak T-Max 100 – Stand developed in 1:1 Xtol + Rodinal, 20min, 21 degrees.
v600 scan

The Nikon D800 cost me 25x more than the Nikon FM film camera but the final result is not so dissimilar.  I actually prefer the film camera photo and so do the lovely people on Flickr.

Lighting – Mix of continious light from a 650W Arri light + speedlights.  I teach photography and lighting and run workshops from my Coventry UK studio.    For more information see here.


Here are a few more Nikon FM film photography samples with the Nikon FM + Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s setup:

Fashion on Film

Nikon FM - Model Photography

Devon with Nikon FM & Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s

Gina - Nikon FM

Andra with Nikon FM

5 thoughts on “Nikon D800 vs. Nikon FM!”

    1. Thanks Peter. I use a Epson V600 scanner to scan all my 35mm and 120 medium format film. I tend to use the standard presets but with sharpening and without dust removal. I then clean up film scans in photoshop if needed before posting. I think I reduced the brightness slightly on the Nikon D800 photo but no major work on either. Thanks

      1. Thanks for the reply. Good to hear you are getting good results from your V600. I have the same scanner but have been fighting somewhat with sharpness issues lately. Just decided myself to leave the unsharp mask turned on in Epson Scan and it seems that’s what you are doing too. 🙂

        Keep up the good work. I love it!

  1. Yeah….I’ll just shooting with my film cameras. All of them. Thank you for the wonderful photos of these beautiful ladies.

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