Moskva 5 Review (6×9 Camera)

Moskva 5 Review (6×9 Camera)

A mini Moskva 5 Review – Cheap Russian 6×9 camera – a folding design rangefinder film camera

Moskva-5 by MatthewOsbornePhotography_
Moskva-5, a photo by MatthewOsbornePhotography_ on Flickr.

Moskva 5 Camera Review

Here is a photo using my 1950s 6×9 Moskva-5 Russian medium format folding film camera. A pleasing result as not easy to operate in terms of focusing due to the 2 viewfinders (espcially if try to recompose shot after focusing!). Taken using Kodak T-Max 100 film self developed in 1:1 Xtol & 1:100 Rodinal (stand developed) 30min 21 degrees.

Moskva 5 Flickr Photos

Russian Moskva-5 Folding Camera

Russian Moskva-5 6x9 Folding Camera

Moskva-5 - Model Photography

6×9 Camera (Folding Film Camera)

Great compact camera that easily packs in a bag and that uses standard 120 medium format film. This camera is the largest format I currently shoot and the negatives are BIG! I also shoot 6×7, 6×6, 645 & 35m. I like the less common 6×9 format.

Moskva 5 Camera eBay

I picked up the camera from eBay in reasonable condition. The key thing to look out for if buying one is to ensure the bellows have no light leaks. You can hold up to a bright light or shine a torch inside.

Moskva Cameras

Earlier models of the Moskva were Soviet copies of the Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta. See here for more details –

Similar Rangefinder Cameras to the Moskva-5

If you like folding medium format film cameras check out the much more modern Fuji GF670 camera (amazing camera!)

More Medium Format Rangefinder Cameras

I also enjoy using these cameras –

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Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s: Review & Sample Images

The mighty Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens is probably both the sharpest 35mm format lens I own (even shot wide open at f2) and creates one of the smoothest bokeh.  Used at f2 it provides an unbeatable combination of both a very shallow depth of field and super sharp detail. The lens lets you separate your subject from the background and renders backdrop as a smooth creamy OOF area that is pleasing to the eye.

Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens photo

Despite the size of the Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens I shoot the lens handheld as both a model photographer and wedding photographer.  Carrying the lens around all day on my Nikon D800 body saves me having to go to the gym!  For periods of non-movement such as covering event photography or wildlife photography I have found using the lens on my Manfrotto 680B monopod to be very useful.  It has a 10kg capacity and takes the strain off your arms. I use it with a Vanguard ballhead and by mounting the quick release plate to the rotating lens tripod collar I can switch from portrait to landscape orientation in seconds.  The second big advantage of using the lens with a monopod is I can use a slower shutter speed in low light situations and still get blur-free images.

Example images using the Nikkor AI-S 200mm f2 lens on a DSLR – Nikon D800:

Coventry Wedding Photographer
Manny on his Wedding Day
200/f2 AIS on Wedding Day
B&W Wedding 3
Sadie SOOC with 200/f2 AIS
Sadie SOOC with ...Nikkor 200mm f2 AIS!! :)
Nosey Neighbours :)
Dan with Nikkor 200/f2 AIS
Stacey SOOC, 200/f2 AIS
Nikkor 200mm f2 AIS
Katie with Nikkor 200 f2 AIS

Black and white film photography is my passion. I use a variety of medium format film camera such as a Contax 645 and Mamiya RZ67 ProII but I wanted to be able to make us of all the nice Nikkor glass I own. I bought a little Nikon FM 35mm format film camera from eBay and it has been brilliant.

Example images using the Nikkor AI-S 200mm f2 lens on the Nikon FM body:
Film is NOT Dead - Model Photogaphy
Andra with Nikon FM
Gina with Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s
Andra with Nikon FM & Nikkor 200/f2 AIS @f2
Devon with Nikon FM & Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s
Would I recommend this lens?  For those who are happy to invest in a serious piece of glass and are able to shoot without auto focus I would not hesitate.  The images it produces are unmatched from any of my other Nikkor Primes and it gives clients something special.  The wide aperture makes the lens very useful in low light wedding situations and I would always select it over my Nikkor 80-200 f2.8 AF lens.  It is big, it is heavy and it is expensive but it does command respect when in use.  In a wedding environment where many guests now have DSLR cameras it is not difficult to spot the designated photographer when the 200mm is in use.   On the flip side it is definitely not the lens for you if you don’t like drawing attention to yourself!

The Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s prime lens together with the Samyang 85mm f1.4 and Nikkor AI-S 50mm f1.2 completes the trio of my top 3 favourite portrait lenses for a 35mm camera.

As featured in:
June 2013 What Digital Camera Magazine
June 2013 N-Photo Magazine

What Digital Camera – June 2013

Out Now, the June 2013 edition of What Digital Camera Magazine, UK.  

MatthewOsbornePhotography features as the Photographer for the ‘In the Bag‘ piece as a Model Photographer and Wedding Photographer but also for Photography Tuition and lighting workshops. 

I discuss some of my favourite 35mm camera gear to use for Portraits and Weddings including; 35mm DSLRs & SLR film camera, Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens, Nikkor 50mm f1.2 AI-S lens and the Samyang 85mm f1.4 lens.

In My Bag (if shooting 35mm DSLRs & film SLRs rather than Medium Format Film):
What Digital Camera - June 2013

See full size PDF here: What Digital Camera – June 2013

NPhoto Magazine – June 2013 – MatthewOsbornePhotography

Out Now, the June 2013 edition of NPhoto Magazine for Nikon camera enthusiasts, UK. 

MatthewOsbornePhotography features as the Pro Picks photographer as a Model Photographer and Wedding Photographer but also for Photography Tuition and lighting workshops.  I discuss some of my favourite Nikon gear to use for Portraits; the Nikon D800 digital camera, Nikon FM 35mm film camera, Nikkor 200mm f2 AI-s lens, Nikkor 50mm f1.2 AI-S lens and also the use of an Arrilight in the studio and on location.

Mugshot of me in my Coventry Photography Studio, UK with model Stacy McCarthy with Nikon D700 & Nikkor 35mm f1.4G lens.
NPhoto Magazine - June 2013 - MatthewOsbornePhotograpy


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What Digital Camera – Samyang 85mm 1.4 Review

Here is a copy of the Samyang 85mm f1.4 lens review I wrote for the November 2012 edition of What Digital Camera magazine.

November 2012 - WhatDigitalCamera magazine

I shoot as a Model Photographer and Wedding Photographer. The featured photo was from a photo shoot in Ukraine with model Olga taken in an orchard close to the city of Uzhgorod.  I was shooting the Samyang 85mm f1.4 lens wide open at f1.4 on a Nikon D800 body. 

What Digital Camera – Readable Full Size PDF