Podcast Interview with MrLeica.com


April 2015

Interview with Mr Leica

Podcast Interview with MrLeica.com & OHM Air

If you want to know more about “Mr Leica” here is a link to a podcast interview I was invited to do for a Tokyo based station, OHM Air.  It is over an hour long so you may want to find a comfy seat and make a cup of tea before considering!

I talk about my photography, Leica cameras, large format photography, film photography, my photography workshops, Leica photographers, Leica wedding photography and some technical aspects.

If you get chance to listen to it I apologise in advance if I ramble or state any incorrect facts.  The content is correct to the best of my knowledge.  I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your thoughts, good or bad.


Podcast Interview with MrLeica.com – OHM Air Soundcloud

6 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with MrLeica.com”

  1. I listened to it yesterday and enjoyed it. At first I wondered if he was going to let you get a word in!

    Plenty of gear geekery but I particularly found interesting your discussion about lighting. All good.

  2. No Need to apologise Matthew, we are all camera geeks. It was just good to hear about your creativity too 🙂

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