Shared: Film vs Digital!

Shared: Film vs Digital!

I just came across this post and thought it summed up nicely some of the benefits of shooting film vs some of the best digital.  It supported similar results I had read in the past and made me want to try a few different techiques with my film cameras

1) Stop the lenses down for maximum resolution (if the light level allow)

2) Start using my large format cameras now I finally have a 4×5 developing tank

3) Invest in some super fine grain film such as Velvia 50 for the sharpest possible results

I have 35mm Rollei Retro 80, Ilford Pan F Plus 50 and now some CineStill 50 D in the fridge ready to use.  I am just waiting for suitable models and light to make the most of it.  I need to get myself some fine grain 120 film for my medium format cameras to see how the images compare to my Nikon D800 photos.  I know that my D800 creates super sharp photos so I am keen to try to beat it with my medium format cameras such as the Fuji GF670 or Mamiya RZ67, both of which offer 6×7 negatives similar to the Mamia 7 featured in the link below.

For 35mm my digital Leica M9 has a 18MP sensor yet my Leica M3 / M2 35mm film cameras equate to roughly 12MP for resolution.  My Nikon D800 is 36MP but 6×7 film is the equivalent of around 150MP.  Quite a jump from 35mm film!  645 format is half 6×7 so assuming a 50% reduction in resolution vs 6×7, my Mamiya 645 is equal to around 75MP.  I want to start shooting more fine grain 100 speed film such as Ektar 100, Kodak T-Max 100 or Fuji Aros 100 rather than my usual 400 speed Kodak Tri-X, Fuji Pro 400H or Portra 400.

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  1. The Ilford Pan F Plus 50 is a great film but if you have the change to get some Kodak Technical Pan Film in good condition it will surprise you ;D the sharpest film I have ever used… even making poster sized prints were no problem. Great review have a nice weekend.

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