Contax 645 B&W Wedding Photography

Sonia & Raman’s Wedding

Here are a film photography photos from Sonia & Raman’s wedding. I covered their wedding day with my Nikon D800 camera but I also managed to shoot a roll of black and white Kodak TMax 400 film on my Contax 645 medium format film camera. Film was hand developed, stand developing in Rodinal before scanning with my Epson v600 scanner to convert to digital.

Contax 645 Asian Wedding

I think for future weddings, such as Craig and Josie’s that I shot a few days ago, I will shoot some medium format colour film and let my Leica M9 provide the black and white images for the day. See here for Leica M9 Wedding Photography. The Nikon D800 has become a backup camera for my wedding photography but is still my main camera for model photography. See my thoughts and test on Leica M9 Model Photography.


Asian Wedding – Paru & Mekeen

Here are some sample shots from Paru & Mekeen’s wedding that I shot in May at The Fennes Esate, Essex, UK.

These photos were taken with my Nikon D800 DSLR:

Wedding Photography -  Paru
Wedding Photography - Paru & Mekeen
Wedding - Paru & Mekeen 1
Wedding - Paru & Mekeen 2
Wedding - Paru & Mekeen 3
Colour Wedding Photography
D700 Wedding Photography
Paru & Mekeen's Party / Wedding Day

Here are a few I shot with the Contax 645 medium format film camera on Kodak TMax film:

Black and White Wedding Photography
Black and White Wedding Photography - The Vintage Look

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Wedding Photographers Risk Their Lifes!

Series of shots captured at yesterday’s wedding as one of the video crew retreats from the cross fire. The second wedding photographer (seen in the background in the 4th) shot was not so lucky! One very soiled MkIII!