Contax 645 – For Sale!

Contax 645 Bundle – For SALE!!

As I have now accumulated quite a few film cameras I thought I better sell a few.

For sale:

Contax 645 bundle £1800 + Shipping (from UK)

What is included?:

> Contax 645 body + film back
> Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2 T* lens
(both near mint but without boxes)
> 1 additional new 645 film back in box
> 1 additional polaroid film back + 1 part used film + 1 new & refrigerated Fuji FP-100c
> 2 part used duracell batteries
> 1 roll of 120 film

The camera is ready to use on arrival!

The Carl Zeiss 80mm f2 Planar lens is probably one of the sharpest lenses I have ever owned. Due to the larger medium format camera 6×4.5 sensor 80mm f2 is the same as 46mm f1.2 on a 35mm (full frame) sensor so gives an amazing shallow DOF and perfect for portraits.

The Contax 645 is a very modern and automated camera in film camera terms. It has both autofocus and auto exposure modes and the film also advances automatically.

I would describe it as using a very well made DSLR. If you have a DSLR already you would find the transition very easy.

The polaroid back is great for a test shot to check exposure before shooting rolls of traditional film to give you peace of mind.

I used the Contax mostly for model / fashion photography & portraiture plus wedding photography after being inspired by amazing wedding photographers using Contax 645 – Jonathan Canlas & Jose Villa. Seriously talented guys!

Here is a wedding sample (Paul & Debs vintage wedding, Gloucester)

Contax 645 Wedding :)

For more sample photos see my Contax 645 Gallery

Other items for sale include:

> Nikkor 85mm f1.4 D (near mint), without box, with metal Nikon Hood (in box), with both caps – £550 + Shipping
> Kiev 88 6×6 Medium format film camera (still not been bought even after quite a bit of interest) – £240 + Shipping
> Pentacon Six TL – £150 + Shipping
> Jupiter 3 50mm f1.5 (Sonnar clone) – £135 + Shipping
> Rode Pro / Rode VideoPro Mic + Furry Wind Jammer (New, boxed) – £110 + Shipping

Please contact me for more details on any of the above, thanks