Folding Camera Review (Film Cameras)

Oh no.. I think this new blogging lark is going to cost me! I don’t need encouraging any more as it is! I saw this post yesterday and at that time knew little about folding cameras. I got researching last night…til 4am :S and eventually settled on a Moskva-5 to add to my collection (as a working camera). I love all things Russian so decided to risk it and bought one titled ‘EX’ condition from eBay.
I have to travel a lot with my day job and the ARAX-CM with a few lenses fills the bag and the Mamiya RZ67 isn’t worth trying. The folding Moskva-5 will not only fit in my bag but I can now also offer clients a new exciting film format too! 6×9.
Excitedly awaiting it’s arrival. Review then to follow! 🙂