Olympus PEN-F Half Frame Photos (35mm Diptych + Triptych Photography)

Olympus PEN-F Half Frame Photos (35mm Diptych + Triptych Photography) +YouTube!

A sample of my Olympus Pen-F half frame photos including 35mm film diptych and triptych photography.

Olympus Pen-F Portraits

Olympus PEN F – Thoughts

To recap the Olympus PEN-F Camera is a 1960s 35mm half frame SLR camera.  I bought the Pen F last month and i’ve now had time to shoot a few rolls of film in it.  I must say i’m more impressed with the resulting images than I thought I would be.  Half frame is certainly not half as good.  I enjoy the size of the Pen F, the stylish sleek look, the vertical framing, the close focusing of an SLR (verses say a Leica rangefinder) and the fact I can get 72 shots on a 36 exposure roll of 35mm film.

Diptych Photography (+Portraits) – Olympus PEN F

I found I enjoy shooting the Olympus Pen F by taking photos in pairs (diptych) the most.  My Epson V800 scanner recognised each pair of photos as one photo and then I just process the negative scans together and share as one image. Here are a few examples of my diptych photography attempts:

Olympus PEN-F Camera

The Dancer

Olympus PEN-F Diptych

Olympus PEN-F Test Shots

Olympus Pen F Portrait

London White Van Man

Olympus Pen F


Triptych Photography – PEN F

I’ve also tried a triptych photography by taking a series of three photos together:

Admiralty Arch Triptych

Olympus PEN-F Triptych

Olympus Pen F Street Photography

Olympus PEN F – Detail and Resolution

Despite taking most photos in pairs I am still very impressed at the resolution and detail captured in a single frame.  Here are some more Olympus Pen F film Flickr photos.  I found if I used super fine grain film such as E6 Fuji Provia 100 F or Ilford Pan F 50 B&W film the resolution is pretty amazing for the small negative size!

Olympus Pen-F - Half Frame Detail

Half Frame Olympus Pen-F

Fuji Provia 100F Portrait

Olympus Pen-F Film


More Diptych Portraits – in Colour

Pen F Half Frame

Provia Portraits

Olympus Pen-F Fashion

Leica M6 by Olympus Pen-F

Olympus Pen-F

Olympus Pen-F Film Portraits

Olympus Pen F Flash Photography Portraits

Here are a series of portraits making use of the Olympus Pen F flash sync speed of 1/500 using off camera flash.

Olympus Pen-F Fashion

Olympus Pen F

Olympus Pen-F Fashion

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