Leica M8 IR Filter / Leica M8 Infrared Filter

Leica M8 IR Filter / Leica M8 Infrared Filter

Leica M8 IR Filter (Marumi UV IR Cut Filter) (Test)

Leica M8 IR Filter marmi filter on lens on leica camera

IR Filter for Leica M8

I own a Leica M8 as a backup Leica M digital camera body for my M9. I have only ever used the M8 for black and white photography so have never used a Leica M8 IR filter.  Why only B&W?  The colours from the Leica M8 digital sensor are not true to what I can see with my eye. The two most commonly documented examples of this are magenta blacks (seen taking photos of black synthetic materials such as a suit jacket. Quite a common sight at a wedding!) and yellowed greens (again green foliage is often all around during a wedding day here in the UK, whether the grass lawns of the wedding venue or surrounding gardens containing trees and shrubs).

Marumi UV IR Cut Filter Test

I tried to do my own research to see if a Leica M8 Infrared filter (IR blocking filter) actually worked but there was very little evidence easily findable on Google. I bought myself a 52mm Marumi UV IR Cut Filter anyway and hoped it would work. It arrived yesterday so today I got to try it on my M8.

Leica M8 Infrared Filter

Leica M8 IR Filter Test
Marumi UV IR Cut Filter Test

Leica M8 Colours (with IR Filter)

Leica M8

Leica M8 Colours

Leica M8 Colours

Infrared Filter for Leica M8 – Conclusion

It is very clear from the images that the Marumi IR filter does a great job of correcting the Leica M8 colours so they now look like colours I would obtain using my Leica M9.

This will give the M8 a new lease of life as I can now use it for both colour photography and black and white images. I would recommend this lens if you are looking to buy an M8 as an entry camera into the Leica M world. It can take some fine images, especially in black and white (due to the lack of IR filter built into the camera).


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