ARAX-CM Photos

ARAX-CM Photos

6×6 Medium Format Film Photography


Here are a few samples using my ARAX-CM Hasselblad clone, the Kiev 88 or Hasselbladski made in the Arsenal factory in Ukraine. My particular model is an overhauled and rebadged ‘ARAX’ camera. Kiev 88s are 6×6 medium format film cameras that take 120 film.

The new camera.. SOOC
My latest student.. Elka!
Medium Format Film

Me in action in Poland with model Agnieszka –
ARAX in action, Poland

You get 10 photos per roll of 120 film so it makes you think about each shot before taking. The camera has no batteries/ electrics so it is back to basics ‘proper’ photography – a light box, a lens and a film back. By using a light meter the required cameras settings can then be dialed in (lens aperture and shutter speed) to obtain the necessary exposure (while taking the film speed into account). I had C41 colour film and this C41 black and white film lab developed. I then scan the film negative using an Epson v600 scanner before cleaning up the image in PP.

Samples using the ARAX-CM + Ilford XP2 Super
ARAX-CM (Kiev 88) 6x6 Film
ARAX-CM (Kiev 88)
Sandra with ARAX
Sandra with ARAX, Poland
Elka with ARAX

Other ARAX-CM samples with different film types
Agnieszka with ARAX
ARAX in Poland
My Bro
Bitter Cold Morning, Poland
Agnieszka, Poland
Agnieszka with ARAX
Street shooting, India
Andra with ARAX-CM

ARAX-CM non-portrait photos
Arax-Sonnar Landscape
Old John, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire
Film Photography
ARAX Landscape
NT Packwood House Estate
India Street Food (1)

And lastly.. perhaps my favourite photo I have ever taken – Yulya, Ukriane on Kodak T-Max

Fashion on FILM

I find film photography very rewarding despite owning some nice digital cameras.