Photographing Men (Male Portraits & How to Pose a Man!)

Photographing Men – Male Portraits

Despite me often taking photos of female models you can also find me photographing men.  I work with male models for UK model agencies and with agencies overseas such as Paris, Hungary and Poland. I also help with poses for men for guys looking for some new photos yet have no modelling experience.  I do male portrait sessions in the studio and mens lifestyle shoots often on location.  I also photograph for some mens fashion brands which you may have seen snippets from on my Instagram feed.

I photograph men whether a model, business man, DJ, fitness guy, artisan, fellow photographer or even average Joe looking for more swipe rights on his Tinder account! Like girls want to look beautiful, men just want to look cool.

Leica Summarit-M 50mm f2.5


Girls photograph better in certain poses and posing men is no different.  I enjoy the variety of photographing men and woman as I can use different lighting and lenses.  Not one setup suits every portrait or client and that is what keeps it fun.

Below are some mens photography ideas from my previous male photoshoots using medium format film, 35mm film, 35mm digital and medium format digital.  I tried to include a wide variety of poses for men, with different experience levels and with me working with a range of cameras.

Photographing Men – Flickr

*(click any photo to see the camera/ lens / film /developing details)

Medium format film

Hasselblad Photoshoot

Mamiya 7 Portrait

Analog Fashion

Male Model

Fomapan 100@400

Hasselblad Sonnar Portrait

Hasselblad 500cm Portrait

Hasselblad - Men's Fashion

35mm Film Portraits

Leica M2 Film Portrait

Hasselblad XPan Fashion

Mens Fashion, London (35mm Film)

Male Model, Poland

Paris Model

Male Model

Zeiss ZM Sonnar Film Portrait

Digital Medium Format

Hasselblad Portrait

Italian Style

Men's Photography

Digital 35mm Photos

Photographing Men

Men's Fashion, London

Mens Photography - DJ

Men's Fashion Photography

Leica Summicron 75mm f2 APO

Male Model Photoshoot

London Model

Dutch Model

Leica M8 Portrait

BMA Male Model - London

Photographing Men

Warren SOOC (2)

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Hamburg Agencies Models

Hamburg Agency Models

Matthew Osborne Photography /

June 2016

I wrote this while waiting for my flight home after an amazing few days of model photography in Germany last weekend. I collaborated with local model agencies here in Hamburg and photographed 11 models in 2.5 days, back to back.  Good times!

Hasselblad Selfie

The Trip

A big thanks to M4 Models and Core Artist Management for giving me the opportunity.  It was my first visit to Hamburg so I organized all the models remotely in the build up to the trip.  Overall we were lucky with the weather with only a few spots of rain in total. Almost all photos were shot outside on the streets of Hamburg working in the area close to the hotel. The standard of models was generally very high and although I selected the models I photographed almost every one surpassed my expectations.  I’m very excited to see the results.


I kept camera gear very simple and I only had 8kg hand luggage to work with anyway. My digital setup was the Leica M240 camera and Voigtlander 35mm Color Skopar pancake lens. For analogue photos  I managed to fit in my Hasselblad 501C 6×6 medium format film camera plus the Zeiss Distagon 60mm f3.5 lens. I shot all black and white film and the majority was Fomapan 100 film shot at ISO 400.


Models included Phila and Antonia from M4 in Hamburg and Anita over on contract from Number One Models in Budapest. I then had Janna, Carmen, Cailtin, Sofia, Chantel from Core and also for a change male models Tomas, Aaron and Chris also from Core.  I expected to be working with all German models but I got to meet Dutch, Hungarian, Australian, American all signed to the Hamburg model agencies.

Some of the female models were of really high standard and a joy to work with but it was the male models that surprised me the most.  All three of the guys produced really strong images and I loved how I can light men differently to women opening a whole new world of lighting oppotunities.  I try to give girls flawless skin with light but for guys any ‘imperfections’ just added character. I hope the resulting photos look as good as I remember!


I shot 11 rolls of film and plenty of digital too so can’t wait to see the resulting images.  I was happy with all the equipment I’d taken to use and would not hesitate to pack the same setup again.

If the agencies like my work I’m already hoping to work with some of the models again soon! 🙂

Sample Photos – Leica M 240

Leica Fashion
Agency Model
Dutch Model
Leica M 240 Sunstar
Male Model
Male Fashion


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