London Workshop – Aug 2014

London Photography Workshop – August 2014

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London Photography Workshop – August 2014

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Team photo from the August 30th, 2014 portrait photography workshop in Central London finishing with St. Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop (again!). Left to right on the photo, Rachel, Trang (model), Adam and Gurnek. I had not worked with Trang before but she was recommended to me by another model.  Trang had no modelling experience but was interested in trying it. As for all my model shoots I worked closely with Trang during the week before the photo shoot to advise, clothes, make up, location, expectations etc etc.


The importance of learning how to direct portrait poses

I was almost glad Trang had no experience as I meant I had to work harder directing every pose on the day.  I feel it is better for photography students to learn how to direct posing, here by shadowing me, so when they have a shoot of their own they can use some of the same skills to prep their model.


For example

If a photographer works with a very experienced model for their first model shoot they may find they have to give little direction and get great looking photos.  They will probably pat themselves on the back once they review the images and say i’m good at this.  Then, on their second shoot they get to work with another very pretty subject but this time they have no experience.  The ‘model’ may assume the generic ‘bus stop’ stance, feet together and arms by their side and say “what do you want me to do?”.  Now the same photographer suddenly becomes unstuck and it is highly likely the images will not be as good as either the photographer or subject has hoped.  They might scratch their head after and say what went wrong this time when I was so good the first time?

Answer.  You need to know how to pose a subject to get the best from them.


A good portrait is more than just the pose

The pose is only the tip of the iceberg it terms of getting a nice image when working with a model/ subject but you will get to pick up other little tricks when shadowing me for the day.  Examples: How I communicate to my subject.  How I use light, available light and artificial light. How I select my location and choice of clothes and styling.

Photography Workshop


Here is a link to the Flickr group I have setup to share the photos taken by everyone attending –


The next portrait photography workshop in London is on Saturday September 13th, 2014.  There are still places available for this day if you are interested.


Here are a few photos I took during the workshop and you can see photos by others in the group on the Flickr link above:

(All photos are taken with a Leica M9 camera + Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v5 lens as an in camera black and white JPEG processed via Lightroom 3. No Photoshop as awaiting new computer).

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Available Light Portrait


Medium format film photography

In addition to using the Leica M9 I also took my new Fuji GF 670 medium format film folding camera to London.  I had the GF 670 camera in the 6×6 film format (can also select 6×7) and shot two rolls of black and white C41 Ilford XP2 Super 400 film (to use up the old film (from the fridge) and to get it lab developed with my other colour C41 film).

Leica M9 photos are now the norm for me so I get far more excited by my film photography, whether the new GF670 (4 rolls of film now waiting to get developed!)(very very excited as the first photos from the camera and include two rolls shot in Poland), the 35mm Leica M2 film camera, the Mamiya RZ 67 or any of my other film cameras.  I used to favour 6×6 film format when I first discovered film photography a few years ago using a ARAX-CM (Kiev 88) and a Pentacon Six TL so it was great to compose my subjects in a square frame again.  It’s like Instagram but 1000x better and real! 🙂

#fuji gf670 & #Leica M9

Photography Workshops Autumn 2014 dates:

  • Saturday September 13th, 2014 – Model: Lauma (Lativian)(see my Flickr stream for example images)
  • Saturday October 25th, 2014 – Model: TBC but possibly Katie or Trang.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

More details..


Central London


Meeting Place:


Start time:
TBC depending on attendees but normally 11:00am

What equipment do you require on the day?
As a minimum you will require a camera with manual settings (even if you use the aperture priority or shutter priority settings to take your photos) and ideally a camera body with interchangeable lenses. I will bring a speedlight with Nikon triggers. You do not need a speedlight (flash) but feel free to bring with you if you have one. Please bring whatever lens you would use for portraiture for you style. This can be wide angle through to telephoto. I will bring a 5-in-1 reflector but again if you prefer to use any other light modifiers please bring them with you if not too bulky.

Previous experience required?
No experience of portraiture required. If you have some photography experience that would be beneficial but be no means essential.

What is included on the workshop?:

I give you the opportunity to shadow me on a location model shoot in London photographing a model on the street. I will teach you how I see light and shadows and use these to enhance your portraiture photography. We will use Central London as a backdrop to our portraits and I will show you how to get the best from different light sources. Lighting will include daylight only, daylight + reflector, daylight + speedlight (on camera and off camera flash), artificial light sources such as tungsten lights and any other light source we come across. I will teach you how to pose a model, tips as to how to work with models and what are the do’s and don’ts when working with models for the first time. I normally include some street photography as we move between locations so if that is your thing I will also show you how to zone focus and focus easily on moving subjects with manual lenses. I normally break up the day for light refreshments in a reputable coffee shop. This gives us chance to talk techniques and rest our legs over coffee and gives the model chance to change outfits ready for the second half. Please review my images on Flickr before signing up to the workshop so you understand the style of images I will be teaching. Thanks.

£150 per person.
Deposit of £25 payable in advance to hold you place. Balance payable on the day (or before).

Birmingham workshops and Coventry photography studio workshops:
If you cannot make it to one of my London workshops but would like to book tuition, I run 1-2-1 evening and weekend workshops from my Coventry studio at £35ph. I have had visitors from Alaska, Switzerland and Italy to name a few so if you are not UK based please do not rule it out. I am also looking to run workshops in a second city, Birmingham and also perhaps Poland if the demand is there.

If you would like book a day or request more details on any of the above please contact me at