Kodak Plus-X 125 Review (Expired Kodak PX 125 Film)

Kodak Plus-X 125 Review (Expired Kodak PX 125 Film)

A mini Kodak Plus-X 125 review after shooting this expired 35mm film in Poland with local models using Leica film cameras. Leica M2 Portrait

Kodak Plus X 125 Film – Intro

To my knowledge Kodak Plus-X 125 film was discontinued by Kodak in 2011 and dates back to before Kodak Tri-X 400 film.  Kodak Plus X is said to have been first on sale in 1938 to use with movie cameras similar to the modern Kodak Vision3 motion picture film that I am now using today for colour 35mm photography.  I bought my expired Kodak Plus-X film as a bulk roll short end on eBay.  I spooled some of the film and took it with me on my model photography trip to Poland.  I shot the Plus-X at ISo 100, developed the film in Xtol and scanned the film on an Epson v800 scanner.  Here are some samples –

35mm Kodak Plus X 125 – Flickr Photos


Kodak Plus-X Fashion Kodak Plus X Fashion Window Light Portrait


Kodak Plus-X 125 Portrait Kodak Plus-X Portrait Leica M6 + Noctilux Leica Summicron 50mm DR Kodak Plus X Film


Leica M6 + Kodak Plus-X Kodak Plus-X Bulk Film Kodak Plus-X Bulk Film


35mm Kodak Plus-X Into the Sun Expired Kodak Plus X 125

Kodak Plus-X 125 Review – Thoughts

I was impressed by the latitude and fine grain especially considering it was expired film.  I would happy use Plus X 125 again if I acquired some.  I would say it is perhaps like a finer grain Ilford FP4 Plus film with a creamer look.  On the whole I found Plus-X to be lower contrast than the modern Kodak T-Max 100 T grain film.

Kodak Plus-X 125 Test Photo!

Here is me in my scruff testing my first roll of bulk loaded Kodak Plus-X in a mirror in the garden with my Leica M2 camera before taking it to Poland! 🙂 Kodak Plus X

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