Top 3 Occupations for Leica M Owners

Top 3 Occupations for Leica M Owners
Matthew Osborne Photography

After rebranding this blog to I have met a fair few Leica camera owners or ‘Leicamen’ as they are sometimes referred to.  I have noticed that there are some clear trends developing in terms of the types of jobs Leicamen have.  This is based purely on my own experiences and from meeting individuals that both own a Leica M camera and are interested to get a good photo from it. This excludes anyone buying a Leica camera as a fashion assessory and excludes owners of other Leica cameras.

Leica M Camera Owners – Common Traits
Predominantly male, though not exclusively
Over the age of 30
If own a second camera often have a Nikon D800
Understated in appearance
Nice well mannered individuals
Successful with a well paid day job

Leica M Camera Owners – Top 3 Occupations
1. Engineer (by a considerable margin)
2. Auditor
3. Architect

What do all 3 occupations have in common?
All the above jobs require a fine eye for detail and drive for perfection, whether in a physical sense or numerical sense.  All 3 jobs appreciate quality and form, either by physical construction or just how systems or processes flow together in a seamless fashion.  When I extend this mentality to other occupations of Leica photographers I know the one word that encompasses all of them is specialist. A DJ needs to be a master at his/her trade to succeed as does a writer. I can’t think of a Leica M owner that isn’t a specialist at what they do.

Are the results surprising?
If you stop and think for a moment then no not really.  Leica cameras are precision enginneered instruments with an emphasis on quality.   The Leica cameras and Leica lenses are designed and built with perfection as the number one goal. This of course impacts the high price of Leica equipment as most camera manufacturers try to obtain a balance cost and quality so meet somewhere mid way.

Do I fit this trend I am seeing?
I think so yes. I am over the age of 30, an ex Senior Auditor, own a D800, dress down and am hopefully a reasonably nice person! 🙂

I now teach photography at least 2 to 3 times a month to individuals in addition to the group portrait photography workshops I have been running in London.  Individuals coming for 1-2-1 photography tuition are often Leica camera owners, coming both the UK and further afield, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Alaska to name a few I can remember.  The above conclusions are based purely on my own experiences and bare little scientific evidence.

The Leica T System –  A New Breed!
I feel the above findings are turned on their head when it comes to the Leica T system.  Leica are targeting a different and new audience in my mind. Yes die hard Leica fans will buy a Leica T camera regardless of whether they need it but the actual type photographers buying the camera will change.  I feel there will be a more male female balance of users with females perhaps dominating.  It ticks the box of the fasionista and social media blogger being small sleek and wifi connectable.  It takes a nice photo by itself without the required knowledge of f stops, shutter speeds and ISO so now becomes attractive to a wider audience, albeit still requiring a large payout.  Will Leica T owners be coming to me for a lesson?  I think unlikely but they are welcome just the same.

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Coventry, UK studio based Model and Wedding Photographer offering both Medium Format Film and Digital Images. 1-2-1 Photography and Lighting Tuition also available.

7 thoughts on “Top 3 Occupations for Leica M Owners”

  1. Great post Matthew, clearly statistics showing a developing physiological pattern here – uncanny really! Lol 🙂

  2. As an engineer, I can not say that I have been that impressed with my M7. The flash sync port cover has already fallen off and been lost. The film baseplate is held on by a crude riveted stud that does not inspire confidence, and the ISO/exposure compensation dial contacts are less than reliable. Good engineering means a lot more than just using large slabs of brass.

    But I think that the cameras are interesting mainly because they are so very very quirky, while still being capable of taking amazing photographs. For an engineer, a bit of novelty goes a long way…

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog site and my next purchase will undoubtedly be a new M240 and a 35mm Summilux. I’m a radiologist specializing in MRI and although my work doesn’t fall into your top three, it’s really a perfect fit. BTW, I do own a Nikon D800E and a D4, but am fascinated by the Leica look.

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