6×6 Film Photography – ARAX-CM in India!

6×6 Film Photography – ARAX-CM in India!


I was out in India on a work trip and got some time at the weekend to go exploring with my cameras. I’d managed to fit my Nikon D800, a Nikon FM 35mm film camera and my favourite, a rebadged Russian Kiev88 (“ARAX-CM”) 6×6 medium format film camera into my hand luggage for the flight, with lenses. I soon realised I only wanted to shoot film. This post, “Part 1”, includes B&W 6×6 film photos taken.

It was my fourth visit to India so I was able to get around on my own and see the real street life. I picked up an auto on the side of the highway, agreed my fare then headed into Pune.

6×6 Film Photography

Truck filling up with water outside our hotel – Four Points Sheraton.

India on 6x6 Film!
ARAX-CM (Kiev 88), Mir-38v (65mm/f3.5) @f3.5. 77mm orange filter

My first stop was Pune railway station as there is always lots to see.

India's Railways (3)
ARAX-CM (Kiev 88), Mir-38v (65mm/f3.5) @f3.5. 77mm orange filter

India's Railways (2)

India's Railways (1)

Next, onto MG Road. One of the main shopping areas.

India Street Food (1)
ARAX-CM (Kiev 88), Mir-38v (65mm/f3.5) @f3.5

India Street Food (2)
Afternoon Nap, India
India Street Life
Street shooting, India

All photos shot on Kodak TMAX 100 120 B&W film pushed to 800 in developing. Developed using Rodinal 1:100 stand developing for 1hr10 at 20 degrees.

Part 2: India, March 2013. Part 2 – 6×6 Colour Medium Format Film (not yet developed.. to follow)
Part 3: India, March 2013. Part 3 – 35mm B&W Film (not yet developed.. to follow)

More 6×6 Film Photography!


I use quite a few medium format cameras.  Here are a few more 6×6 cameras I use –

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6 thoughts on “6×6 Film Photography – ARAX-CM in India!”

    1. I’ve tried a few rolls of Tri-X but must say I much prefer TMAX400 where the grain on 120 film is not that much larger than on TMAX100 to the naked eye at normal internet sizing. I will push that to 1600 without hesitation but haven’t had the need to yet. 🙂

  1. Great shots!

    As a side not, it seems like I’m doing the reverse thing when it comes to cameras. I didn’t get along with my Arax 88 and have now purchased a Pentacon Six 🙂

    1. That is of course the main advantage of the camera. As an amateur I just never used it so I went for the less bulky option.

      1. Both use same good lenses so make sense. I have to travel with work and ARAX fits in bag but doesn’t leave a lot of space and the Mamiya RZ67 I recently got has no chance of fitting. Last night I bought a 1936 Russian Moskva-5 6×9 folding camera! Should fit nice in bag and a new format to play with for feature shots etc 🙂

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