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“Save money and buy right first time! Consult a Leica expert before making your next purchase!”

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Need help with your photography? I can’t assist everyone face to face but I can help you 1:1 remotely.

Zoom Prices – Single bookings

  • 15 minute call – £19.99
  • 30 minute call – £29.99*
  • 60 minute call – £49.99*

*Block booking discounts available below

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Meeting Invite and Scheduling

Contact me with your preferred time(s) and date(s) (accounting for any time zone differences verses the UK) and I will send you a Zoom invite on receipt of payment.

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Top 5 questions answered via Zoom:

1) What Leica camera is best for me?

Confused as to what Leica camera buy? Do not panic! We discuss the various camera options (film and digital) to work out what is the best camera for your specific needs.

2) Lenses! What lens would be best for me?

Struggling to decide what lens to buy? As I test and use many of the Leica M mount (especially) and L mount lenses, I can explain the pros and cons of each to suit your requirements.

3) How do I setup my digital Leica camera?

Just bought a Leica digital camera and need help getting it setup? I own Leica CL, SL, M and Q series cameras so am happy to assist you.

4) How do I use my Leica Film Camera?

Experiencing problems with your film camera(s) or film developing? No problem! Whether it’s a Leica iii, Leica M, Leica R or a CL I can help.

5) Portrait Lighting – What lights/ triggers should I use?

Looking to improve your portrait photography lighting but need help with gear or technique? I can help! I use speedlights, studio lightings, hot lights, LED lights .. and various modifiers/ triggers for each of them.

Photo critique / portfolio review

Photography Portfolio Review

Not satisfied with the photos you are creating? It could be a number of factors – camera, lenses, photography technique, editing process, lighting, cropping, composition and more. A few small changes changes might be all it takes! Book an online photography portfolio review.


Buy Once and Save

Often you tell me that is it not possibly to see or test a camera/ lens before purchasing. If I own the equipment I show you during the call (and often next to additional similar products) so you can see how they compare. If you want to test the camera or lens for yourself I offer this service as part of my workshop days.

Remote Photography Tuition via Zoom

Unable to attend one of my face to face workshops but still look to improve your photography? I can teach you remotely. Topics can include –

Common Topics (Not limited to)

  • Basic camera settings – aperture/ f stop, shutter speed, ISO
  • Using Leica cameras – Leica iii, M, R, CL, SL
  • Film photography – using a film camera
  • Exposure
  • Lighting equipment
  • Portrait lighting
  • Adobe Photoshop – How I edit
  • Adobe Lightroom – How I batch edit
  • Black and white film developing
  • Colour negative film developing (including motion picture film)
  • Film scanning – Epson v800
  • How to get into model photography
  • Making money with your camera
  • Wedding photography
  • Becoming a YouTuber

*Currently teaching is without a model (but I can look to organise if needed)

Zoom Prices – Block booking discounts

  • 5x 30 minute calls – £129.99 (Save £20!)
  • 5x 60 minute calls – £209.99 (Save £40!)
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