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Leica Portrait Lenses

My Top 10 Leica Lenses for Soft Dreamy Portraits + 5 Secrets for Zero Editing

I enjoy Leica portrait lenses that help me create soft dreamy photos requiring zero editing. My top 10 lenses suitable for Leica M mount

Best 50mm lens for Leica

Best 50mm Lens for Leica M Camera x20 (Leica M3 Female Portraits)

A new Leica M3 photographer contacted me from Singapore to request a Zoom call to discuss the best 50mm lens for Leica M cameras. I thought it might make an interesting YouTube (and blog) topic. Here are my 10 most used 50mm lenses on my Leica M3 camera(s) with sample photos plus 10 more 50s.

7Artisans 28mm f1.4 leica m

7Artisans 28mm 1.4 vs Leica Q

Looking for a Leica Q alternative? If you use Leica M or SL series cameras I might have the answer! The affordable 7Artisans 28mm f1.4 M lens.