MrLeica eBooks

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MrLeica eBooks: First 3 eBooks

  1. FREE Guide to Model Photography OUT NOW!
  2. How to Make Money with Your Camera – Out soon!
  3. FULL Guide to Model Photography – To follow

1) FREE Guide to Model Photography

  • Qu. “I would love to try model photography but how do I find a model?”
  • Ans. My eBook tells you how to find models for free!
  • Qu. “How do I plan a photoshoot?”
  • Ans. See the checklist in my free eBook!
  • Qu. “Do I need a signed contract with the model?”
  • Ans. Not always, see the model release form eBook section

> FREE eBook includes the following:

  1. Practice with friends and family
  2. Existing portfolio requirements
  3. Planning a photoshoot
  4. How to find a model
  5. Find models on Instagram
  6. Get Instagram models to reply
  7. Model release forms
  8. Do you need to pay models?
  9. Edit like a pro!
  10. Sending models their images



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