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MrLeica eBooks: First 3 eBooks

  1. FREE Guide to Model Photography (See above)
  2. How to Make Money with Your Photography OUT NOW! (Linked below)
  3. FULL Guide to Model Photography (To follow)

1) FREE eBook! MrLeica.Com Guide to Model Photography

Common Questions Answered –

  • Qu. “I would love to try model photography but how do I find a model?”
  • Ans. My eBook tells you how to find models for free!
  • Qu. “How do I plan a photoshoot?”
  • Ans. See the checklist in my free eBook!
  • Qu. “Do I need a signed contract with the model?”
  • Ans. Not always, see the model release form eBook section

2) NEW!! How to Make Money with your Photography

MrLeica Make Money with Photography eBook

Am I qualified to write this book?

Well actually yes. As a former certified chartered accountant (ACCA qualified) I blend my knowledge of money and photography to help fellow photographers make some extra cash with their camera. Even if you don’t quit your day job you can earn money with photography to pay for your next dream camera/ lens. Start today!



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