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“I speak your language! Teaching Leica Photographers Worldwide since 2014”


I speak your language – Let’s talk Leica!

When it comes to Leica cameras I speak you language! Digital Leica? I use Leica M, Leica SL and Leica CL cameras and have Leica Q experience too. Film Leica? I’ve got you! 1931 onwards Leica iii Barnack cameras, Leica M and Leica R film cameras (+ the Leitz CL). Leica lenses? I can help! Leica M lenses, Leica LTM lenses and Leica R lenses (Leica & third party).

The Small Print

I’m not the typical Leicaman. I don’t have the fancy car, the expensive watch, the nice shoes. I don’t own the latest Leica M11, SL2 or Q2 cameras. I was not born into Leica, my website isn’t the greatest and my YouTube channel isn’t #1.

What I do bring is 10+ years of in-depth hands on photography experience, film and digital, all formats. I’ve been teaching fellow Leica photographers since the M8 and M9, from the UK to Alaska. I’m 100% self taught and 150% committed to helping you fast track your photography. Book a workshop and get my money back guarantee if you don’t learn something!


*If you are here looking for photowalks rather than model photography feel free to join my workshop mailing list in the interim and you will be notified of future events in your area.

Summicron 50mm Portrait

London Leica Photography Workshop Packages

For 2022 I offer three one day 1:1 London photography workshop packages: 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours in length.

Half Day Workshop: 4 Hour = £280

4 hour 1:1 photography tuition in London with me and the option of one model to join us for 2 hours. 10:00- 14:00

Standard Day Workshop: 6 Hour = £360

6 hour 1:1 photography tuition in London with me and the option of one model to join us for 2-3 hours. 10:00- 16:00

Full Day Workshop: 8 Hour = £450

6 hour 1:1 photography tuition in London with me and the option of 1-2 models to join us for 2-3 hours each. 9:00- 17:00

Model Photography Workshop - London

Bring a friend – Save 25% each!

Looking to save money? Have a friend who is also interested in fast tracking their photography? Book a workshop day for 2 people and save 25% each from the list price.

Multi-day Leica Workshops

Discounts are also available for 2 day, 3 day and 4 days packages (More days = greater discount). Usually full weekends or long weekends. Please contact me with your requirements. (Multi-day Leica workshops are especially popular for overseas workshops such as those I ran in New York and Zurich).

Limited Availability – Book Early!

I only have limited free hours each month for running 1:1 workshops so I accept bookings on a first come first serve basis. Book early to avoid disappointment. Photography Workshop

Plan of the day

Every workshop day is different as I try to be very flexible to accommodate each student. That said the days normally include the following steps (depending on the length of the day).

  • Meet and greet in a coffee shop in Central London
  • Question me on all the topics you would like to cover
  • Walk around practising with your camera (for general photography topics)
  • Meet our model (optional) for 2-3 hours of portrait photography outside
  • More coffee / light lunch and more time for you to quiz me
  • Debrief and recap points covered during the workshop

Leica M3 Calibration

What experience do I need to attend a workshop?

You need to arrive with your camera and a lens ready to learn but that is all you require. If you are organised, I also recommend bringing a list of questions you have for me so you get the most out of the workshop. I teach all levels from the basics – aperture, shutter speed and ISO to advanced level.

Leica Window Reflection

Leica Photography Workshops – Master your Leica!

As someone who specialises in Leica cameras and lenses, many of my students are Leica photographers. I can help you to get the most out of your Leica camera and advise what lens(es) / camera bodies may suit you best.

Do I need a Leica camera?

No, not at all! My workshops are not limited to photographers with Leica cameras but frquently there is some underlying interest in the brand. Photographers often come with their Sony or Fuji cameras (+ Lumix and others), and take the opportunity to compare the results from their camera or lens to those shot with Leica. (See the next paragraph!)

Leica Photography Workshop London

Leica Equipment – Try before you buy!

Undecided as to whether or not you should buy a particular Leica camera or lens? As part of my Leica workshop package you can request to see or try a product during a workshop if I own that camera or lens. Normally it is lenses that people have an interest in but I can bring a specific camera too.

London Model Photography Workshop

Model Photography Workshop – Start your portfolio!

Many photographers come to me to learn how to photograph people. In particular, they may want to master how to photograph beautiful models. Before you can attract your own models to photograph first you need to build a strong portfolio to showcase your work. The photos you take during the workshop with our model(s) will be the start of your professional model portfolio. Once you have enough examples in your portfolio you will be able to approach model agencies to ask to work with their models without cost. I can teach you all you need to know after 10-11 years of photographing models both in Europe and the US.

Workshops cover portraiture with available light and/ or additional lighting (speedlights etc). You will learn about the importance of good communication skills, planning a photoshoot, choosing a location, posing a model, building rapport, and everything else that goes into photographing people successfully.

London Photography Workshop

Film Photography Workshops – Get the most from your film camera!

In additional to Leica cameras, you may know that I enjoy film photography so I also teach students everything they need to know. Film cameras to suit your needs, film stocks, film developing (colour and B&W), film scanning and post processing of film negatives. We can also cover a range of film formats – 35mm film photography, medium format film cameras and large format photography (4×5 format).

Film Photography Workshop
Leica Photography Workshop

Poland Model Photography Workshop (Gdansk)

After running my first model photography workshop in Poland I am now happy to offer more of the same. Prices are the same as those listed for London above. The city will be Gdansk unless we agree something different. Join my workshop mailing list to hear about overseas workshops and receive the dates as soon as they are published.

Leica Workshop UK

Spain Photography Course Holiday (7 Nights)

New for 2022, I have teamed up with a company 1 hour from Alicante airport in Spain to teach their photography workshops. Details not yet finalised but it looks to be half board, 7 nights, £1500 per person, max 5 people. Full details to follow but please contact me if that sounds of interest to you. This will be general photography and not limited to model photography. All genre.

Leica Workshops (Worldwide)

In addition to teaching my London Leica Workshops I also teach overseas. I have taught two 4/5 days 1:1 workshops in New York and multi-day workshops in Amsterdam and Zurich. I plan to teach students in Germany as soon as I can travel but please contact me with details of where you live and we can look to make it happen. Cost of overseas workshops are the same as London prices but depending on the location I might need to ask for a contribution towards my travel expenses too.

Leica Workshop Poland

More Testimonials

“A full day behind the camera with the creator of some of my favorite portraiture; couldn’t ask for a more pleasant experience shooting beautiful models alongside Matt, with him guiding me to create pictures that match his quality and vision. We did some Leica tutoring but me shooting predominantly Nikon was no problem of course, as we explored different approaches and styles during the day. As a long standing Patreon I have learned a lot already from his behind the scenes work, but in-person Matt is even more able to convey his vast knowledge and it feels as if he is open to sharing all his photography experience with you. I left the workshop with tons of new techniques and ideas, feeling inspired to put them to practice even more to create beautiful photographs!”Poland Feb,22

“This has been my 3rd workshop with Matt and yet again I have walked away from the day completely inspired to be able to shoot more confidently. Matt’s relaxed and fun way of learning is a joy to be part of and this particular workshop recently attended in London was no different. His introduction to using flash with ambient light was exciting to learn and gave an insight into what opportunities you had in every outdoor situation. I would thoroughly recommend a day spent with Matt to blow your mind with knowledge that you can take away from the day and put into practice in your own time. Whether it be simple photography techniques or re advanced portrait work, Matt has it covered” London 2014

Model Photography Workshop

Remote Learning

You can access 24/7 remote learning via my Patreon. Opt for either Fast Track Bespoke Learning via monthly video calls or at you own pace via generic Learn Togther posts.

Articles relating to MrLeica Photography Workshops


Homepage link with more details about my photography workshops and some of the topics I can teach – Matthew Osborne Photography – Workshops

Teaching Leica Workshops since 2013!

Here are some older example photos from teaching Leica camera workshops since 2013. At that time I was teaching a lot of Leica M8 / Leica M9 users who were struggling with their new Leica M camera after changing over from a DSLR system.

Portrait Photography Workshop
London Photograph Workshops 2014
1-2-1 Photography Workshop
London Photography Workshop 2014
Team photo from the July 19th, 2014 portrait photography workshop in Central London. Left to right, Daniel, Leona (Model), Paul (on left photo) / Me ( (on right photo)
Mr Leica Workshop
Team photo from the August 30th, 2014 portrait photography workshop in Central London finishing at St. Pauls Cathedral. Left to right on the photo, Rachel, Trang (model), Adam and Gurnek. 
Photography Workshop, London
London Workshop 2014 – Me with Nikon FM
Mr Leica - in Action!
Swiss photographer flying in for UK workshop – 2015
Amsterdam Models
Amsterdam Workshop – April 2015 (Mariska & Deborah)

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