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“I enjoy teaching photography to see others as happy as me with their camera”

2021 Workshops

Hello! Due to the Covid-19 restrictions most of the 2020 requested photography workshops were put on hold. Once lockdown restrictions lift please contact me via my Homepage to arrange / rearrange a workshop. Thanks.

Remote Learning

You can access 24/7 remote learning via my Patreon. Opt for either Fast Track Bespoke Learning via monthly video calls or at you own pace via generic Learn Togther posts. Photography Workshop

Leica Photography Workshops (UK and Overseas)

I teach 1-2-1 photography tuition / photography workshops, often Leica photography workshops to photographers globally on request.  UK workshops are often ran in London (but not limited to). If you rather I teach you in your own city I can travel to you. I have ran workshops for photographers in New York, Zurich and Amsterdam and am happy to travel worldwide the same as I offer for weddings.

London Photography Workshop

Model Photography Workshops (Worldwide)

The majority of the tuition requests I receive are either working with a Leica camera or photographing people. For a model photography workshop I teach you portraiture with available light and/ or additional lighting (speedlights etc). You will get to work with a model(s) and I will teach you about posing a model, rapport, planning a photoshoot and everything else that goes into photographing people successfully.

Model Photography Workshop

Film Photography Workshops

If you are interested in analogue photography and are looking for a film photography workshop I can help. The tuition I offer is often a combination of Leica, models and film cameras. I am happy to teach you with regards to 35mm film photography, medium format film cameras and large format photography (4×5 format).

Film Photography Workshop

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Homepage link with more details about my photography workshops and some of the topics I can teach – Matthew Osborne Photography – Workshops

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1-2-1 Photography Workshop
Studio Photography Workshop

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  1. i’d be super interested in a workshop, I use my Fuji with OCF but so far haven’t used my Leica M6 with anything but natural light and would love to get some help getting there with it!

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