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Teaching Leica photography workshops since 2014

I found some feedback from when I first started teaching Leica workshops in London back in 2014. See photos on my main Leica workshops page.

“This has been my 3rd workshop with Matt and yet again I have walked away from the day completely inspired to be able to shoot more confidently. Matt’s relaxed and fun way of learning is a joy to be part of and this particular workshop recently attended in London was no different. His introduction to using flash with ambient light was exciting to learn and gave an insight into what opportunities you had in every outdoor situation. I would thoroughly recommend a day spent with Matt to blow your mind with knowledge that you can take away from the day and put into practice in your own time. Whether it be simple photography techniques or re advanced portrait work, Matt has it covered” London 2014

More recent workshop testimonials (May 2021 onwards)

“I’ve been into photography for a while but I felt I wasn’t able to go that bit deeper into learning about how to use my Leica.  I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of it and understand how to do that”London May’21

“Whilst on lessons I’ve learned a lot of things I didn’t expect to learn. I’ve learnt more about film types as well which has really helped my photography”Coventry May’21

“My first workshop with Mr.Leica: If you’re reading this, then you are probably like me just a few weeks ago. I wanted to expand my photographic skills with some portrait work, but was not sure how to achieve this.  However, after a few emails with Matt, discussing location, equipment and the pricing structure , we arranged a meetup in London, for a whole day’s shoot with two models . Matt handles the model selection by working with various model agencies. The day started with a coffee and it did take long before the contents of Matt’s camera bag were all over the cafe table!  This guy has some serious kit.  The way he handles it and talks you through how he works is fascinating.  This is even before the model arrives. With time ticking away, we rush off to meet the first model. Matt quickly makes the introductions and we all are at ease straight away.  We move to the first location, which Matt has previously “staked out” and began shooting.  Sometimes together and other times making space for each other. Matt had previously suggested we used similar focal length lenses.  I was using a 35mm and 85mm which worked well.  We moved around for different locations and for different light and before you know it the two hour shoot was up.  Now it was back to the cafe for a debrief and a well earned snack. The afternoon session, with a completely new model went just as smoothly.  Matt really knows his stuff, just seemingly able to tease out new poses which you wouldn’t think would work. By the end of the second shoot, with some great images, my memory card was just about full.  So much to take in, with Matt making suggestions throughout the day.  So was it all worth it? Absolutely.  I was a nervous idiot arriving by train, but I left feeling a lot more confident, with the day well spent.  And just to prove it I booked a second workshop a few weeks later!  So all in all, I would say “thoroughly recommended” and if I didn’t already mention it, Matt is just a really nice guy…”London May’21

“Matt at MrLeica goes at your pace and focuses on what you want to learn.  His knowledge about photography and Leica is particularly amazing.  You’ll find yourself learning more than you thought you would. Take a large notebook!” – London Jul’21

“I recent bought a Leica and wanted to know how to get the best from it.  Matt at MrLeica was the perfect teacher” London Jun’21

“I wanted to improve my understanding and execution of how to gauge exposure with my Leica M6 and Mr Leica helped me do that.  He also helped me read the light conditions, use my light meter properly and improve my compositions” Birmingham Jul’21

“Matt is a great teacher, very professional.  I have learnt a lot from him and he is the only one who specialised in Leica photography.  I highly recommend him”London Aug’21

“A full day behind the camera with the creator of some of my favourite portraiture; couldn’t ask for a more pleasant experience shooting beautiful models alongside Matt, with him guiding me to create pictures that match his quality and vision. We did some Leica tutoring but me shooting predominantly Nikon was no problem of course, as we explored different approaches and styles during the day. As a long standing Patreon I have learned a lot already from his behind the scenes work, but in-person Matt is even more able to convey his vast knowledge and it feels as if he is open to sharing all his photography experience with you. I left the workshop with tons of new techniques and ideas, feeling inspired to put them to practice even more to create beautiful photographs!”Poland Feb’22

“I am a film “relative Leica newbie” and knew I had gone as far as I could watching YouTube for my learning. I had watched Matt and thought his style of photography, use of Leica kit and easy going nature was what I needed to improve. My requirements were simple. How do I get the most from my M3 when it comes to light and metering. I was struggling with incident, reflective and spot, never sure which was the best way to meter any given scene. After spending a full day 1-2-1 with Matt, talking and walking the Birmingham city centre streets, and practicing his teachings, I feel that my skill level and understanding has gone up several pegs. Whereas before I would doubt my decision and with no chimping (as with my digital photography)to confirm my image was correctly exposed, I now know that if I’m out it will only be a stop (or 2) and that with B&W is certainly within the post correction area if needed. So, Thanks Matt for a great day out of learning and Chinese food!” – Birmingham Jul’22

The first time I came across Matt‘s Website was when I had been looking for user experiences of 50mm lenses. His blog provided a lot of useful impact to consider so I could narrow down my choices. I don‘t remember exactly when I discovered that he offers workshops too but I definitely kept an eye on his blog and was even more pleasantly surprised after finding out that had started sharing his experiences on YouTube as well. I got in touch asking for s possible dates and could agree on a date for full day workshop in Gdansk. Before that we had been contemplating possible places in Germany where I am from but as I had been to Gdansk and Sopot before and I love both cities – very picturesque by the way! – I could easily see myself meeting up there. Before we met, Matt offered to address questions in a zoom meeting. Once in Gdansk it was easy finding the agreed place due to precise instructions. Before the actual photo shoot started, we discussed the models, possible set ups cameras, lenses. Matt also let me try cameras and lenses which I had asked him about earlier and in turn he got the opportunity to use some pieces of my equipment as well. Soon it was cameras, lenses and film everywhere. As soon as the first model arrived there was no going back and time flew. The two models were amazing to work with and so was Matt. I ran through four rolls of film easily and got hundreds of digital pictures as well. I had an amazing time not only with two beautiful models but also with Matt who proved to be hospitable as well as insightful. Plans are already being made for a second date. As you can see, I had a blast of a time”Poland Aug’22

Awesome experience with Matt’s two day workshop. 4 photoshootings with 2 amazing professional models each day. Very interesting conversations and useful tips about photography, cameras, lenses, directing models and much more. Matt was always helping me capture the best shot and making sure I was having a great time. Thanks Matt for sharing your knowledge and experience. Highly recommended workshop!” London Aug’22

My first interaction with Matt was a Zoom call, as I was unsure which Leica to buy (as they are expensive) so I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. In the past, I’ve wasted money on a wrong camera choice. Matt recommended a Q and it’s been a very sound piece of advice as I purchased one for a fair price and I’m loving it! I wanted to go ‘back to basics’ and ensure I understand the Q and its techniques before pursuing other aspects of photography (lighting etc.). The workshop was a good mix of theory and practice and the day was both interesting and productive. I learnt about correct exposure (inside and outside) what the various settings were and what they meant and recommended settings for me. It was enough to get me started (as a novice) and I look forward to more focussed sessions with Matt, when I’m ready. Overall, it was a good investment of time and money and I would recommended it to anyone who wants to understand their Leica the right way (after all, you’ve made the investment!) and learn from a qualified single-source, rather than spend hours trawling the Web”Cotswolds Oct’22

Workshops with Matt are a great way to learn or improve your portrait photography. He is very easy going and explains things very clearly. He has tons of experience working with models and makes sure you will have a great time learning and come out with fantastic images. He is good a tailoring the workshop for what you want and need and he is just a great guy to hang out with and shoot”London Oct’22

“Matt, I’ve had a hoot. Great company, beautiful model and taking photos. I couldn’t have wished for the workshop to be any better. You’re a smashing bloke and I loved your company. I’m sure our paths will cross again”London Jan’23

“As a semi-pro photographer with a journalism / editorial background, my street work was solid but my studio work was severely lacking. Matt had such a good way of onboarding photographers onto studio set shoots, along with in-depth analyses of photo recreation and lighting setup. At first I was a bit hesitant because of the marketing: it’s clearly focused around model shoots, which is fun but obviously catered towards a certain demographic of photographer. Matt was extremely professional in showing his expertise and delicacy in the nuances of disarming people’s nerves in front of a camera and getting genuinely unique shots. You can clearly tell that his mind forms a cohesive visual palette around which he organizes shots, and his technical and artistic skills bleed through his easy going communication style and clear mastery of digital and film mediums. Even my more nuanced questions — what modern day photographers he’s interested in, how he derives and refines taste and style — he answered with fleshed-out and comprehensive answers without making it sound like it was a canned response. Thanks so much Matt – let’s meet up in London (or wherever else in the world) soon, and I can’t wait to start using your education to let people’s best sides shine through my photos.” London Feb’23

“What a terrific day with Matt for a workshop in London with two terrific models. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk to – happily dishing out advice, tips and techniques. The models, too, a total joy to work with. It’s a full-on day as well – I left weary but thoroughly contented with what I had achieved. 100% recommended for any budding model photographers. Thanks Matt!” London Feb’23

“Matt, It was great to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the day out and learnt a lot – and came back with some great images! I’ve shared a few already with our first model and she likes them. Thanks again, had a really good day”London Mar’23

“Matt is a great guy to hang out with for a multi-day workshop! He’s very hands-on with lots of knowledge and has helped me improve on my model photography skills. I can definitely recommend booking a workshop with Matt if you’re looking to take first steps or improve on your current portrait photography skills!”Spain Mar’23

“Matt is an expert on composition, lighting and explains everything. We spent the day visiting great photo opportunities and Matt explained in a way I could understand how to get the best out of my rangefinder. We had variable weather and lighting conditions and I found his explanations and tuition invaluable. I received additional helpful correspondence from Matt after the day and the days following to help me further. Great day course. Highly recommend.”London Apr’23

“Matt was really helpful on my one to one workshop with him last week. We had a coffee first and then went through my list of prepared camera questions. We then went out shooting and he was excellent at explaining everything in a simple way. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Matt and will be in contact with him again.”London Aug’23

During a recent trip to Paris, I traveled to London for a 1/2-day workshop with Matt, and that session far exceeded my expectations. Matt first asked about my photographic experience, discussed a variety of Leica kit of potential interest to me, and wanted to know what I hoped to achieve photographically. Based on our e-mail correspondence, he suggested we work with a model to push me well outside my comfort zone, and that was precisely what I needed to speed up the learning process. Based on Matt’s results there, it was clear that he has a good eye and excellent technique. With concise and polite instructions, he taught me how to compose a variety of scenes with a model and how to improve my technique. While I learned a great deal that day, I also found out what I needed to work on when I got back to the US, which made the trip even more worthwhile. I’d certainly love to work with Matt again! For fun, we also compared my Leica Noctilux-M 75 mm f/1.25 (which I bought used for my Leica SL2) and Matt’s Voigtländer Nokton 75 mm f/1.5 on my M11 and Matt’s SL. I was so impressed by the Nokton’s compact size, light weight, price point, and performance (on non-IBIS cameras) that I bought one as soon as I returned home. I’ll still keep my Noctilux too though!”London Sep’23

Leica+Model Workshops

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