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Desktop Lightroom Presets – Convert to Mobile Presets

MrLeica Lightroom presets are for Lightroom desktop (All versions of Adobe Lightroom. They will not work with CaptureOne or other software). You can make your own Lightroom Mobile presets from LR desktop presets. See here or try this – “Apply preset to photo, then go into file > export with preset > export as DNG and then save in Dropbox or something to transfer to your phone”

Leica Preset Lightroom Mobile

If you are searching for Leica preset Lightroom mobile I can now supply Leica Lightroom presets for mobile devices on request. It will be the same presets listed above sent to you as .DNG files rather .XMP so you can transfer to your smartphone device. I will create them on demand so contact me first if you need Leica mobile presets.

Tips for Buying Presets + Buying on Your Phone

For the less tech savvy, I recommend buying MrLeica presets from your computer not on your phone. When you buy LR presets you will receive a purchase confirmation on the screen (no email). Click the hyperlink on your confirmation to download the presets to your device. (If you don’t see the presets when you click, click the other link).

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