eBook Accelerator


Designed for those looking to fast track their model photography.  The Accelerator is the next step following my Free Model Photography eBook.  Learn faster from a mix of audio, video and written content!  


Model Photography eBook Accelerator Pack

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How does the Accelerator pack help me?

5 reasons why your might enjoy my Accelerator pack:

  1. Templates – So you are ready to start contacting models but you have no clue what to say?  Just copy and paste 1 of my 4 templates and you can reach out to models in any situation!
  2. Video tutorials – Are you someone who prefers to learn from watching content?  It is easier to visualise a model posing when you see the model in the video for example.  Enjoy watching 14 videos / over 1.5hrs
    1. Lighting – Daylight, flash, LED, reflector (a taster of each!)
    2. Posing – Watch me pose models (+ the do’s and don’ts)
    3. Inspiration – See me in action during my photoshoots
  3. Edit like Matt My photos never look like Matt’s even when I use the same camera and lens. Is he doing some special editing? See my Lightroom and Photoshop process and apply it to your own workflow.
  4. Audiobook – Do you find you want to learn but never have time to read eBooks?  If you enjoy listening to podcasts and audio files on the go my audiobook version of the eBook is for you.
  5. Speed up your editing – Do you dread the editing process?  Taking forever and never quite the look you want?  Try my MrLeica B&W preset and edit all your images in just a few quick clicks.


Accelerator Pack Details:

  1. Helpful model photography templates:
    1. Model release template
    2. Example email to a model agency
    3. Example Instagram message to a model
    4. Example casting call (Facebook or model websites)
  2. Model photography tutorial videos (>75 mins)(11 videos)
  3. Lightroom/ Photoshop videos (How I edit) (~25 mins)(3 videos)
  4. Audiobook version of the free eBook (22 min)
  5. Speed up your editing with a MrLeica Lightroom preset – B&W

Accelerator Pack About:

My model photography eBook accelerator pack is designed for those looking to fast track their model photography progression. Information is provided in audio, video and written format and the pack contains over 100 mins of video footage*.

Model photography tutorial videos:

*I pulled these videos from the 200+ posts on my Patreon.  I selected specific videos to give you information, exposure and inspiration on various topics and scenarios.

  1. Tips when booking an apartment to use for a photoshoot – 5 min Considering the lighting aspect in particular and what I look for when searching for places to shoot (especially in the winter months).
  2. Indoor photoshoot in Poland showing me photographing at eye level, getting up high and shooting from down low (using LED lights, flash + daylight) – < 8min
  3. Discussing on camera flash versus off camera flash (tips and tricks) (how I light models) including back of camera model photos in Poland – 7 min
  4. UK boudoir shoot, discussing my lighting setup used, clothes, mirrors and various tips (you might want to skip the camera info section) 11 min
  5. Working with a model indoor in Poland.  Discussing posing and lighting with both daylight and LED lights – <5 mins
  6. Explaining different types of artificial lighting that I used for a studio shoot including back of camera images with a UK model – 14 min
  7. Shooting with a model outside in Spain.  Working in the shadows to avoid the midday sun – 5min
  8. 2 hour photoshoot preview in Poland using available light and LED lights. Advice when working with models including compliments, adjusting clothes, implied nude, adjusting hair and more – 8 min
  9. 28mm portrait session indoor (Budapest). Using a small room and LED lights – 4 min
  10. Talking through a photoshoot using back of camera images.  I discuss lighting using a reflector, clothing, posing, directing, expressions – 8 min
  11. Your homework!  Transform your next model during the shoot so there is a noticeable difference between the photos at the end of the shoot and the photos at the start.  Real example to illustrate with back of camera photos and a UK model <3 min

Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop videos (How I edit)

  1. How I apply my MrLeica Lightroom presets (< 5 min)
  2. How I sort/ file my images in Lightroom (< 8 min)
  3. How I edit a photo in Photoshop (< 12 min)

*You also receive my 7 tips in 7 days following your purchase.    That’s 7 more videos to enjoy!