Patreon “Teach & Inspire”

The topic I teach the most: How to light, pose and photograph beautiful models”

What is MrLeica.Com Patreon?

I made a short video to explain!

Highlights reel from our last Patreon meet!

A taste of Patreon BTS videos (with models)

This YouTube video includes some non-dubbed over model shoot behind the scenes footage as I share on Patreon to give you a taster of what to expect. (Skip past the tech bit at the start if you’re less interested in learning lighting).

Still not sure?

Here are a few questions for you:

Qu. – Want to fast track your photography with 1-2-1 private tuition?
Qu. – Looking for a friendly remote photography club to join?
Qu. – Wish you could socialise with others remotely from home?
Qu. – Want to share your photos in our friendly Facebook group?
Qu. – Need advice for your next Leica camera/ lens (+vintage)?
Qu. – New to photography and look to learn/ get inspired?
Qu. – Are you a pro/retired pro keen to share your knowledge/ work?
Qu. – Dream of photographing beautiful models but don’t know how?
Qu. – Want a researched source of fun photography G.A.S (+banter!)
Qu. – Looking to experiment with film photography and learn how?
Qu. – Need a source of photography inspiration to use your cameras?
Qu. – Have a general interest in vintage film cameras and lenses? 
Qu. – Enjoy anything Leica related, new or old? (But not limited to**)
Qu. – Want to learn more about the guy behind the MrLeica photos?
Qu. – Looking to support the MrLeica YouTube Channel / Blog?

Did you answer YES to any?

Still not sure?

Patreon-only content you’ll receive:

*subject to change

  • MORE videos – Patreon-only exclusives (*in addition to YouTube) Me on location with the cameras, behind the scenes, fun/ uncut style footage.
  • Monthly Zoom Calls2x 1 HOUR group calls per month
  • Private Facebook Group – Join our friendly group and share/ chat
  • Photo Editing Tips – Sharing before and after photos and my process
  • Money Saving Tips – My favourite cost saving hacks! (Savings will easily cover the cost of a 1 month subscription)
  • Portrait Lighting Tutorials / Tips & Tricks – How I light my portraits
  • Film Photography Tutorials / Tips & Tricks – How I develop/ scan
  • Get to know the models – Unseen photos, videos, BTS footage.
  • More Patreon-only exclusives – Previews, notifications, links, shout outs
  • G.A.S – Sharing my Photography “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”
  • Learn Together – As I learn something new I will share it with you
  • Leica Support – New to Leica? Help & advice with your camera/ lenses.
  • Inspiration – Hopefully I can inspire you to dust off an old film camera or lens, to travel with cameras, try model photography or master lighting.
  • What’s in my bag – monthly video
  • Access to photobooks – I realise new model photobooks each year for Patreons (a free perk on some tiers)
  • Patreon Meet-ups – Occasionally we’ll do meet ups now that we have a community of 200+ (New for 2023)

*The content shared varies from month to month depending on what I’m photographing. Some months is more model shoots, other weeks might be more about film photography. I don’t have a posting schedule so some weeks see more posts and other weeks are quieter. You have the massive 2 years back catalogue to work your way through on the quiet weeks.