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Mr Leica Wedding Photography

Every wedding day is different so it’s difficult to quote generic prices to suit all occasions. Please visit my wedding page for more details.

Leica M240 Wedding
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Love black and white photography?

If you appreciate timeless looking black and white images then definitely get in touch!

Leica Wedding UK

Film Wedding Photographer UK

In addition to standard digital photos I also recommend traditional film wedding images –

Hasselblad Wedding

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Visit my Leica Wedding Blog for more details and example wedding day photos.

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Leica Q Wedding


Leica Wedding Photography & Hasselblad Weddings

After starting the YouTube channel I’ve not kept up with regular wedding posts but here is a sample –

Leica M240 Wedding


Leica Engagement Photography / Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Leica Wedding Photography
Leica Wedding - Leica M3!

Cameras for weddings + Leica wedding photography

Best film cameras for weddings

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