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“Making people feel confident and attactive with my camera since 2010!”

Photographers: Dream of photographing models but don’t know where to start?

Always wanted to photograph glamourous model but don’t know where to start? I can help! I was in exactly the same situation 10+ years ago. (In fact I was worse than that! As an introvert I couldn’t even hold eye contact with a pretty girl back then!) Join Patreon today to get a taster of model photography plus tips and tricks on editing, lighting, and more! (All for the price of 1 coffee a month!)(Approx).

You can then book Workshop days and we can start to build your portfolio. For those of you overseas, we can arrange a Zoom call and I will talk you through how to get started in the city you live in.

Models: Looking for new photos?

Please get in touch for more details. No experience necessary. I work with clients both in the UK and overseas so am happy to travel. People request my photography to start or update their model portfolio and sometimes just for fun.

Mr Leica Model Photography

Most of my model photography is girls (95%) but I don’t mind shooting the occasion guy if they look good.  I enjoy classic beauty whether guy or girl.

Leica CL Lightroom Preset

Model Photography: Latest

Model Photography: By Country (Newest First)

For each trip I have now detailed the cameras I was using.  If you are interested in a specific camera scan through the list to find photos with that camera.

*(I will list more model shoots when I get time.. there are a lot!)

Mamiya 6 Fashion
Polish Models /  Poland
Leica Photographer UK
Hungarian Models /  Hungary (Budapest)
Leica M240 Fashion
Ukranian Models /  Ukraine
Mamiya 6 75mm lens
UK & Polish Models / Tenerife
Hasselblad Xpan
Models / France (Paris)
German Models / Germany
Ilford Pan F 50 Portrait
Swiss Models / Switzerland (Zurich)
New York Model - Hasselblad
American Models / United States (NYC)

Poland Photoshoots – Models Photography

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