Hasselblad Portrait Photography x30 (Polish Girls)

Hasselblad Portrait Photography x30 (Polish Girls)

Here are 30 Hasselblad portrait photography images that I’ve taken in Poland. Photos shot with either a Hasselblad 500CM camera or Hasselblad 501C.

Hasselblad portrait photos taken in Poland

After writing up my latest Poland model photography trip on the flight home I realised that I always finish a blog post with “film photos to follow”. As the weeks and months passing me by in a blur I rarely remember to do this so here is the first in a series of posts. I will start to share some of my film photos shot overseas with models using various film cameras.

Hasselblad 501C + Hasselblad 500CM portraits

All the following photos were taken with a 6×6 medium format Hasselblad film camera. I used either a Hasselblad 500CM or Hasselblad 501C. Both cameras are great and pretty similar. Click any photo below to see the camera/ lens/ film/ developing/ model details. (Most images are the classic 6×6 square format but some were captured with a Hasselblad A16 645 film back).

Hasselblad 120mm Makro-Planar Portrait
Kodak Tri-X 120 Portrait
Hasselblad A12 Film Back
Hasselblad 80mm Portrait
Fomapan 100@800
Hasselblad A16 Back Portrait
6x6 Hasselblad
120 Ilford HP5 Portrait
Fomapan 100 Classic Portrait
501c Hasselblad Portrait
Hasselblad 80mm f2.8 C lens
Zeiss 120mm Macro-Planar Portrait
Hasselblad 500 CM Portrait
Zeiss Sonnar Portrait
Sonnar 180mm Portrait
Hasselblad 500CM Portrait
Model and Horse
Hasselblad 180mm Portrait
Hasselblad Fashion
Hasselblad Backfocusing
Hasselblad 180mm Sonnar f4
Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f4 CF
Hasselblad Portraiture
Hasselblad 500CM + T-Max
Hasselblad Headshot
Hasselblad 500CM

Hasselblad colour portraits

As I tend to prefer black and white film I don’t have many Hasselblad colour portraits but here is a small sample shot in Poland.

Kodak Portra 800 Portrait
Hasselblad Model Photography
Hasselblad Misfocused
Hasselblad 500CM Fashion

Here are some of my early colour portraits shot in Poland on Kodak Ektar 100 film with a Hasselblad – Kodak Ektar Portraits

More Poland Hasselblad portraits (earlier work)

If you want to see my earliest images shot with a Hasselblad see the link below. These photos are shot on the same location with the same camera and some of the same models. See who you recognise!

30 Hasselblad Fashion Portraits – Poland (2015)

Hasselblad Fashion

Latest Poland photoshoots?

I’m just back from more Poland photoshoots so I will share the write up soon once I have gone through the digital images. (Film photos will then follow!) πŸ˜›

Poland photoshoots – write up and digital images

More Hasselblad camera blog posts!

Hasselblad 500cm + Hasselblad 501c + My Portraits

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    1. Thanks Jezza! I’ve just linked my earlier Poland Hasselblad portraits if interested (+ made a few changes as i’ve thought of them). I will share more film images from these trips in the coming weeks/ months. Thanks Matt

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