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Leica Support (*Unofficial)

Need help buying your Leica camera or lens for your Leica? I am happy to help you from the knowledge I have (based on the cameras and lenses listed below). I am not linked to Leica so this is non-bias information but I can give you my thoughts if it helps. You can arrange a call or message me by joining Patreon.

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Leica Camera Blog Posts / Reviews

Leica Digital Cameras
Leica Film Camera Reviews
Leica Camera Film Loading Tutorials (YouTube)
  • Leica iii film loading (+ Leica iii clone cameras) – See YouTube
  • Leica M2 film loading / Leica M3 film loading – See YouTube
  • Leica M4-P film loading / Leica M6 film loading – See YouTube
Leica Camera Comparison Reviews (YouTube)

Leica Lenses – Reviews (Leica M Mount Lenses)

(See my YouTube Series 1 – Leica M Mount Lens Reviews)

Leica Lenses – Reviews (Leica LTM Lenses)

(See my YouTube Series 2 – LTM Lens Reviews)

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