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Leica Support (*Unofficial)

Need help buying your Leica camera or lens for your Leica? I am happy to help you from the knowledge I have (based on the cameras and lenses listed below). I am not linked to Leica so this is non-bias information but I can give you my thoughts if it helps. You can arrange a call or message me by joining Patreon.

Leica Lightroom Presets


Leica Camera Blog Posts / Reviews

Leica Digital Cameras
Leica Film Camera Reviews
Leica Camera Film Loading Tutorials (YouTube)
  • Leica iii film loading (+ Leica iii clone cameras) – See YouTube
  • Leica M2 film loading / Leica M3 film loading – See YouTube
  • Leica M4-P film loading / Leica M6 film loading – See YouTube

Leica Camera Alternatives (35mm Rangefinder Cameras)
  • See the FILM PHOTOGRAPHY tab for reviews of Leica alternative cameras such as Voigtlander Bessa cameras, Nikon rangefinder cameras, Canon rangefinder cameras and Kiev plus Contax rangefinder cameras.
Leica Camera Comparison Reviews (YouTube)

Leica Lenses – Reviews (Leica M Mount Lenses)

(See my YouTube Series 1 – Leica M Mount Lens Reviews)

Leica Lenses – Reviews (Leica LTM Lenses)

(See my YouTube Series 2 – LTM Lens Reviews)

More Leica Camera Blog Posts