Leica M6 review - girl with leica m6

Leica M6 Review (Classic) (The Best Rangefinder Camera!?)

A short Leica M6 review article written just after I bought my M6 Classic (Now including a YouTube review!).  If you are looking for impressive Leica M6 photos please skip down to the link below where I take the M6 head to head with my Hasselblad 6×6 for a model shoot. (The Leica M6 Classic did well!)

Leica M6!

Leica M6 review – A few key facts

Leica M6 Classic 0.72x viewfinder

For Christmas I treated myself to a Leica M6 Classic 35mm film camera. It is one of the older versions with the Leitz red dot badge. It is black with the 0.72x viewfinder and looks in pretty mint condition for its age. The base plate still has the plastic on and it has the plastic bumpers on the edges. It came with box and I collected it from the private seller so I was able to see it before I paid which made a nice change to eBay!

I shot a test roll through the camera and the Leica M6 rangefinder seems spot on with my fast lenses shot wide open.

Leica M6 Classic

Why another Leica film camera?

Why did I need another Leica film camera? The Leica M3 has been my favourite Leica camera since I discovered Leica but the camera only focus to 1m closest focus and my most expensive modern Leica glass work to 0.7m. It seems crazy I am not using my Leica Summilux ASPH 50mm f1.4 or the Leica Summicron 75mm f2 APO.

Leica M6 75mm framelines

The Leica M6 has 75mm frame lines so interested me straight away. The M6 will also let me use and compose 35mm lenses (like the Leica M2) whereas the Leica M3 has 50mm frame lines.

Leica M6 review - Leica m6 + 75mm APO lens portrait
Leica M6 + Leica Summicron 75mm f2 APO lens – Studio Portrait

Leica M6 light meter

For events such as a wedding it is useful if a film camera has a built in meter. I normally use a handheld Sekonic light meter or spot light meter but when I want to travel light it is nice not to need to carry one. The Leica M6 uses a lithium LR44 battery to operate the light meter but the camera is fully mechanical and can operate without a battery (just no light meter).

I am looking forward to using the Leica M6 for wedding photography and with my modern fast and sharp lenses. I will share some results as soon as I get chance!

Leica M6 portraits

Leica M6 Classic vs Hasselblad 501C Shootout!

Here I did a comparison between the Leica M6 and the might Hasselblad!  The Leica M6 did surprising well! – Leica M6 Classic vs Hasselblad 501C 

Leica M6 sample photo from this article to wet you appetite! –

leica m6 review - leica m6 portrait of girl B&W

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  3. Matthew, I fell out with my 75mm summicron asph. It worked fine and was what I expected on my M8 but on my M4-P it was awful. Is it possible that the lens is out resolving the film, (kodak portra 160 & 400)?

    1. Hello, I have similar issues with my M3s.. they were my number 1 cameras but I can’t nail focus on either body even after recalibration now. The M8 and M6 are fine with the 75mm but my M240 needs recalibration also. See my Flickr.. the 75 works well with film I would say more likely a calibration issue maybe? Sorry i’m not an expert so I only talk from experience.

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