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We all want the lowest price when it comes to buying new photography gear so to facilitate this I setup my Kit List. Most links include Amazon product links for 60+ countries. Many listings include B&H and Adorama links too.

This page lists NEW items only. For USED equipment try the BUY/SELL LEICA page (or eBay links below).

“MRLEICA” Discount Codes

Quick Links

  • Buy Light Lens Lab (Remakes of classic lenses)
  • Buy TTArtisan (Affordable lenses)
  • Buy KEKS (Affordable viewfinders, small light meter..)
  • Buy Wotancraft (Quality camera bags and camera straps)

My Current Digital Cameras

Digital Leica Cameras (Current Models)

M Mount Lenses

L Mount Lenses

Micro Four Thirds Lenses (MFT/M43)

Nikon F Mount Lenses

Lens Adapters


Bags, Straps, Grips

Storage / Processing / Power / Batteries

Audio / Tripods / Filters / Misc / EVF

Film Photography

Fresh Film – Buy Here!

Lightroom Leica Presets – Buy Here!

Used Equipment? Check Prices on eBay

Save Money

DISCLAIMER: Page contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item via clicking a link I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support. Matt

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